In the dynamic realm of influencer marketing, one burning question takes center stage: which social media platform pays influencers the most? 

Unveiling the lucrative landscapes of online influence, this exploration delves into the realms of likes, shares, and paychecks. 

Prepare to navigate the digital domain, where the pursuit of influence meets the pursuit of financial gain.

Find Out Where Influencers Earn the Most on Social Media!

Okay, so, on paper, the social media platform making the most money should be the best for influencers, right? 

Well, Facebook and Instagram are the big shots in terms of cash, especially Facebook from 2010 to 2022. That makes sense because they’ve been around since the start of social media and are the main thing Meta offers now.

YouTube comes in third place, with LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat not far behind. But here’s the thing, just because Facebook and Instagram are rolling in money doesn’t mean they’re making you, the creator, the most money.

Think about all the crazy stuff Facebook and Instagram try out. It’s not a bad thing – social media has to change to stay alive! But because of all these changes, there’s not as much money left for creators like you to grab.

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Discover the Best-Paying Social Media Platform for Influencers

Curious about which social media platform pays the most money? Let’s break it down by platform:

Source: Epidemic Sound’s


    • Epidemic Sound’s research reveals TikTok as the top earner.
    • A significant 30% of creators consider TikTok their primary income source.


    • Securing a substantial 25.8% of the surveyed creators.
    • The primary source of income for creators earning over $200,000 annually.


    • Ranks third at 16.5% in the survey results.


    • Earns the fourth spot with 13.1%.


    • Holds the fifth position with a modest 7.1%.

Interestingly, despite Facebook and Instagram being top earners overall, TikTok and YouTube users are reporting higher individual earnings.

For creators making less than $200,000, the surprise winner is TikTok, even though it joined the monetization game later – proving it’s never too late to make a substantial impact.

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TikTok or Instagram: Who Pays Influencers the Most?

Despite being considered a ‘lesser’ avenue for making money on social media due to its newer presence in the market, TikTok has proven itself otherwise in 2024. 

The research indicates that monetizing creators increasingly depend on TikTok, surpassing the reliance on Instagram.

Surprisingly, even for content creators earning less than $10,000 per year, 28.6% identify TikTok as their main income source, while Instagram lags at just 7.3%.

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Maximize Your Earnings: Best Social Media Platform for Influencer Views

In the world of social media, the number of viewers used to be the main measure of how much money you could make. 

However, with the rise of different payment options like gifts, sponsorships, and subscriptions, the emphasis on views has lessened. Determining which social media platform pays the most for views has become tricky.

Let’s break down how the top four social media platforms compensate creators and whether they pay per view:

Social Media Platform Payment Structure Estimated Earnings per 1,000 Views Additional Details
TikTok TikTok Creator Fund, merging into the TikTok Creativity Program 2 to 4 cents within the Creator Fund Payments are lower due to the platform’s shorter, more viral content nature.
YouTube $0.018 per ad view Approximately $18 for every 1,000 ad views or $3 to $5 for 1,000 video views Earnings are based on ads displayed on monetized videos.
Instagram Ad revenue (55% share for creators) Depends on ad performance; creators receive 55% of monthly revenue Creators don’t get paid per view; instead, they earn a share of ad revenue if ads are enabled on their videos.
Facebook Variable payments per 1,000 views Reports range from as little as $1 to as much as $10 for 1,000 views Payments are not fixed and can vary widely

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Explore Influencers: Search Made Simple

In the ever-evolving realm of influencer marketing, finding the perfect platform to connect with influential content creators can significantly impact businesses. 

Amidst the myriad of choices, Happine emerges as an outstanding option, revolutionizing how brands interact with influencers and opening doors to successful marketing campaigns.

which social media platform pays influencers the most

Key Features

    • Diverse Influencer Network: A broad and diverse network of influencers spanning various niches and industries.
    • Advanced Search Filters: Intuitive and powerful search filters for precise influencer selection.
    • Real-time Performance Analytics: Stay updated with real-time insights into campaign success and engagement.
    • Seamless Collaboration Management: Effortless communication and transparent collaboration management throughout campaigns.
    • Campaign Tracking and ROI Measurement: Measure campaign performance and determine return on investment for informed decision-making.

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2024 Update: Which Social Media Platform Pays Influencers the Most?

Understanding which social media platforms compensate per view and which do not is a solid beginning. However, pinpointing the top-paying social media platform overall in 2024 isn’t straightforward. 

While TikTok constitutes a significant share of creators’ income, it may not be the optimal platform for everyone’s content.

Each platform has its unique financial structure, presenting diverse avenues for monetization. While earning money on social media should not be the sole motivation for creating content, it undoubtedly serves as a welcome advantage.