Would I need to send free merchandise to the influencers?

No, you don’t need to send any merchandise to the influencers. We invite your existing customers to the influencers program, who already have experience using your product or service. To ease the process, we provide them with content ideas that match your brand’s messaging and also guide them on how to create authentic and engaging content.

Would you check the engagement rates of the influencers?

Yes, on happine.cc dashboard, you can check the engagement rates and track the performance of each influencer.And as far as payments are concerned, an influencer only gets paid when he/she generates revenue or achieves a milestone specified by you.

How will you track the conversions brought by the influencers?

Each influencer is provided with a unique trackable link that they use as CTA while promoting your brand or product. This link allows you to track the performance and leads generated by each influencer, helping you to reward the influencers accordingly.

What platforms do you support?

We support many industry-approved platforms including Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Square Space, Big Commerce, 3dcart, Xcart, etc. there are many more so reach out to us if you don’t see your platform listed.

Can I decide the rewards that the influencers get paid?

Yes, you can decide the rewards issued to each influencer based on their performance and conversions. The more commissions you offer, more the interest you get.

Do you handle the payments to the influencers?

Yes, we manage the payments issued to the influencers. Happine’s AI-powered system automatically issues payments to the influencers based on the revenue or leads generated by the influencers. The commissions paid out to the influencers will be added to your monthly invoice.

Will I be able to suggest the type of content that I want to be made?

Yes, because no one knows your brand better than you. Despite a dedicated team of specialized professionals, we allow our clients to give suggestions to ensure that the content created by influencers matches their brand image.