Discover the vibrant world of Asian American fashion bloggers, where style meets cultural diversity and innovation. 

Studies show that after receiving a recommendation from a virtual influencer, 35% of consumers in the United States proceeded to make a purchase. This highlights the significant impact fashion influencers have on consumer behavior.

Thus, to help you with your influencer marketing efforts, we have curated these 16 trendsetters to showcase the dynamic landscape of fashion across Asia, offering inspiration and insight into the latest trends, designs, and expressions of personal style. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1) Bishamber Das

Bishamber Das is a remarkable Asian American fashion influencer known as Britain’s first Asian plus-size model. Alongside her modeling career, she also works in law, particularly in child protection. Her journey began five years ago when she represented the UK as the only plus-size contestant among nine European countries, achieving the remarkable position of second runner-up. 

Bishamber shares her lifestyle with her followers on Instagram, showcasing her stylish travel outfits, trendy athleisure wear, and festive fall fashion, inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness with confidence.

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2) Lina Mayorga

Lina Mayorga is an Asian American fashion blogger and sustainable vegan fashion designer originally from Colombia, now based in both Florida and New York City. 

She graduated from Parsons The New School for Design with a BFA in fashion design. Known as ‘fashionfabnews’ on Instagram, Lina’s followers tune in regularly to see her latest creations, including her stylish travel outfits, eco-friendly workout wear, and beautiful bikinis made from recycled materials. 

Lina brings her unique perspective to the world of fashion, blending creativity with sustainability effortlessly.

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3) Aimee Song

Aimee Song, a famous fashion influencer, blogger, and designer, began blogging in 2008 while studying Interior Architecture in San Francisco. 

Her blog, Song of Style, became popular, leading her to design her fashion collection. Aimee has worked with major fashion brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton, becoming a respected style icon. She’s known for her beauty tips and skincare advice, collaborating with brands like Sulwhasoo. 

She is a regular at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks and has been featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Additionally, she has authored bestselling books like “Capture Your Style.” and “Aimee Song: World of Style”

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4) Chailee Son

Chailee Son is a popular Asian Fashion influencer and model known for sharing her travels on her self-titled Instagram account. 

Originally from South Korea, she has lived in Australia and Canada. She started her Instagram journey in 2014 while in Canada, intending to share her adventures with friends and family back home. Since then, she has amassed 1.1 million followers. 

Chailee also runs a YouTube channel with 78k subscribers. Additionally, she is the creator of Daileeskin, a health and beauty brand, and the founder of ‘chaileethelabel’, a clothing brand with worldwide shipping.

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5) Aly Silvero

Aly is a Filipino fashion blogger who began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 and launched her jewelry line. Fast forward five years and Aly’s vision has grown into a highly successful clothing company that gained recognition on a global scale. 

Her designs have been worn by esteemed personalities such as Ed Sheeran, Kylie Jenner, and One Direction.

With a massive following of over 61k on Instagram and a dedicated YouTube channel with 18k subscribers, Aly Silverio continues to share her lifestyle, creative process and fashion vlogs.

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6) Julia Dang

Julia, a Vietnamese trendsetter residing in Stockholm, Sweden, is renowned for her unique fashion sense. She effortlessly blends edgy prints and patterns with the latest trends, captivating her Instagram followers with her innate creativity. 

From skirts layered over pants to stunning seaside dresses and pops of bold, bright yellow, Julia’s style choices are sure to elevate any fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. She has a big following of 187k on Instagram. She also uses TikTok to promote brands and has a strong base of 154k followers where she shares fashion and styling tips.

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7) Olivia Lazuardy

Olivia Lazuardy is a well-known Asian fashion influencer from Jakarta, Indonesia. She started her blog in 2013 because she couldn’t find much fashion inspiration in her country. Additionally, she also started her clothing brand, Calla Atelier, in 2016. Her brand has a feminine style that her followers love.

Olivia has a massive fan following of over 309k followers on Instagram and 77k subscribers on YouTube. On both platforms, she shares fashion tips, outfit ideas, and stories about her travels.

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8) Tsutsumi Hoang

Tsutsumi Hoang is a fashion and beauty creator from Oslo who shares videos about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She’s worked with big brands like L’Oréal, Maybelline, and House of Lashes and has been nominated for awards. 

On Instagram, where she has 228K followers, Tsutsumi shows off her stylish bags, chic tomboy looks, and how she rocks her fashion, even in everyday situations like sitting in traffic.

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9) Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty, recognized as the Cosmopolitan Blogger of the Year in 2016 and also awarded the title of Elle Blogger of the Year in the same year, has emerged as a prominent Asian fashion influencer figure in the fashion and lifestyle domain. 

She was also honored as the Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the Year. Through her renowned blog, ‘The Styledge,’ Santoshi has left a mark on the Indian fashion niche sharing her perspectives on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. 

Additionally, Santoshi has co-starred in the short science fiction film “Renascence” alongside Neeraj Kadela and Zervaan Bunshah.

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10) Ellen V Lora 

Ellen V Lora is a well-known Asian American fashion blogger, beauty, and wellness enthusiast based in Los Angeles. With a background in Theatre Arts & Film, she’s passionate about storytelling through wardrobe and beauty. Ellen’s style is edgy yet refined, reflected in her creative content and visual storytelling.

As a fashionista, Ellen loves showcasing must-have pieces. Whether she’s sharing fall outfit ideas on Instagram, rocking chic tennis style, or flaunting her latest ensemble, Ellen always sets trends and stays ahead of the curve. 

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11) Allison Teng

Meet Allison Teng, an Asian American fashion blogger and digital content creator behind Curvy Girl Chic! She has collaborated with top brands like Stitch Fix, ASOS, Torrid, and Nordstrom, among others. 

Allison’s blog, Curvy Girl Chic, offers outfit inspiration and shopping tips for plus-size and midsize individuals. Featured in Glamour, Seventeen, and Buzzfeed, Allison has amassed a large following of over 80k on Instagram.

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12) Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe, based in Mumbai, is a prominent figure in the global fashion blogging scene, representing India at various fashion weeks and international events. She’s not just a blogger; she’s also the founder of Arabellaa, a popular women’s clothing brand known for its trendy designs. Juhi collaborates with major brands like Maybelline and Nike on an international level and partners with luxury fashion brands. 

Known for her unique sense of style, Juhi effortlessly blends traditional Indian elements into her everyday looks and is one of the most sought-after Asian-American fashion influencers.

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13) Ayla Dimitri

Ayla Dimitri is a prominent figure in Jakarta’s fashion scene, boasting nearly 15k YouTube subscribers and 400k Instagram followers. 

Despite facing initial resistance from her family to pursue fashion school, being the daughter of a well-known model, she pursued graphic design instead. However, her passion for fashion eventually led her to become a content creator and fashion influencer. 

Ayla has also graced the 2017 TRESemmé Runway and frequently collaborates with local brands.

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14) Pia Shah

Pia Shah, a Los Angeles-based Asian American fashion blogger of Indonesian and Filipino descent, adds pops of vibrant color to her favorite neutral outfits. 

With her 125k Instagram followers, she shares daily outfit inspiration. Whether she’s creating playful fall looks with rich textures and accessories, embracing angelic white-on-white ensembles, or dazzling in glamorous wedding guest attire, Pia’s unique style always leaves a lasting impression.


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15) Cora Kim

Cora Kim, a Korean fashion enthusiast, wife, and mother residing in Los Angeles, shares her impeccable style with her Instagram followers under the handle “lovemicorazon”. 

With Cora, fashion is a constant passion. From lounging in luxurious lavender sleepwear to sporting adorable pink tennis attire fit for a match, or donning a breathtaking summer dress, her followers adore her diverse wardrobe choices.

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16) Leo Chan

Leo, an actor and model originally from Hong Kong, is more than just a fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer. With over 113K Instagram followers, he shares his experiences in men’s fashion, travel, and lifestyle, drawing inspiration from his journey as an immigrant. 

Leo’s content not only includes outfit ideas and travel tips but also insights gained from visiting 57 countries. Additionally, he engages with his 100K TikTok followers by posting similar content. Leo’s has been recognized by reputable publications such as GQ, Forbes, Men’s Health Magazine, and Adweek.

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17) Jean Wang

Jean Wang, a famous Asian influencer, standing just under 5 feet tall, is passionate about empowering other petite women with styling tips that flatter their figure. 

She believes in helping petite women avoid looking younger than they are by finding clothes that enhance their shape. With a preference for classy, timeless style, Jean offers inspiration for workplace attire and casualwear tips. 

Additionally, she reviews clothing, including winter wear, and shares insights on the best ongoing deals with her 1 million followers.

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18) Euginie Grey

Eugenie Grey is recognized for her daring and rebellious style that makes bold statements. If you’re drawn to outfits that exude confidence, Eugenie is your go-to person! 

Her blog features a variety of looks suitable for any occasion, including casual settings. Additionally, with her extensive travel experience, Eugenie offers valuable shopping recommendations for various destinations.

Alongside her blogging, she’s also worked as a brand consultant, social media manager, and creative director. However, her true passion lies in personal styling and writing. 

She’s been featured on popular platforms like BuzzFeed, Yahoo!, and Refinery29, as well as in numerous magazines, both online and in print, reaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers.

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19) Irene Kim

Irene, an American-born Korean model, brings a unique twist to fashion, blending playfulness with edginess. Vogue has hailed her as an ambassador to the dynamic South Korean fashion scene, evident in her wardrobe choices. 

As the founder of Irene is Good clothing label, Irene promotes the motto “good for you,” encouraging individuals to embrace their authenticity. Her label’s casual attire boasts vibrant colors and patterns, offering a bold and refreshing take on fashion for those seeking something new and daring.

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20) Jessica Ricks

Jessica Ricks, once a graphic designer and web editor, is now a well-known Asian American fashion blogger and the face behind, a popular lifestyle and fashion blog. 

With over 650,000 Instagram followers, her effortless and chic style has garnered attention from publications like Vogue and Glamour. Starting her blogging journey in 2011, Jessica has collaborated with over 1,000 sponsors, including big names like Coach and Samsung.

She regularly posts round-ups featuring various types of clothing to provide her readers with a wide selection of options. From flowy summer dresses and joggers to denim and beachwear, you’ll find it all on her blog. Additionally, you can shop her closet or her Instagram looks directly through her blog!

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21) Wendy Nguyen

Wendy is a well-known Asian American fashion blogger celebrated for her incredible style. Her dresses are both cute and elegant, making them irresistible. On her blog, you’ll discover statement colors for each season, boutique sales, and styling tips.

She also owns a YouTube channel by the name “Wendy’s Lookbook” where she shares her fashion and styling tips. 

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In conclusion, these 21 Asian American fashion bloggers represent a diverse range of styles, perspectives, and backgrounds. 

From classic elegance to bold statements, they offer inspiration for fashion enthusiasts of all tastes. Through their blogs and social media platforms, they showcase not only their impeccable fashion sense but also their creativity, passion, and individuality. 

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