Finding influencers made easy!

Find and partner with influencers as per your requirements that would create engaging content to promote your brand. Through automated dashboard, you can easily manage as well as track the performance of your brand influencers.

Our Process

Enter campaign details

Our platform simply takes down details of your influencer requirements like target age, geography, gender, number of followers, any keywords describing them, etc.

We promote your campaign

The platform then promotes your brand amongst millions of influencers on our platform.

You receive applications for campaign

You receive applications from influencers who are interested in working with you and your partnership campaign.

We predict ROI expected from influencer

We try to predict the ROI that you’re expected to generate if you work with a particular influencer.

We track revenue on our dedicated dashboard

Then, the app helps you track the conversions they’re bringing in.

Find Influencers management dashboard would suggest you variety of influential content generated by your influencers, you just need to select and approve the ones who seem apt for your marketing campaign.

Convert your customers into influencers

We would help you identify your loyal customers, and inspire and guide them to create user-generated content for your business.

Manage Influencers

By logging into dashboard, you will be able to manage the influencers in your marketing campaign, and the content created by influencers as well.

Reach and analyse results

You would be able to track and analyze the revenue generated by each influencer, allowing you to take corrective action accordingly to reach desired results.

Automated payments

Say goodbye to sheets!’s automated system will automatically issue rewards to the eligible influencers who hit a milestone specified by you.

We Integrate with following Apps


Woo Commerce

Big Commerce


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