Home decor influencers have emerged as a significant force in shaping trends and inspiring creativity in interior design. 

Half of the population finds product recommendations from influencers trustworthy, whereas only 38% place their trust in recommendations from celebrities.

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, these influencers have garnered large followings by showcasing their unique styles, and offering tips for DIY projects. 

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your home or need to promote your home decor business, following these influencers will be beneficial. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Who is a home decor influencer?

Home decor influencers are social media creators who produce content that inspires interior and exterior style decisions, DIY projects, or overall aesthetic upgrades. These influencers come from various backgrounds and professions, including interior designers, architects, mommy bloggers, DIY/craft influencers, and artists. 

Each brings a unique perspective to the table, offering their expertise and creativity to followers seeking inspiration for their living spaces.

15 best home decor influencers to follow


1) Elena Lohse

Elena Lohse is a home decor creator based in Toronto. She began her influencer journey as she started sharing snippets of renovating her home in Toronto. Elena now has a massive following of 900k and offers invaluable inspiration for those seeking to transform their spaces into cozy havens. 

Elena also curates affordable finds from her shopping escapades and compiles lists of must-have products from various retailers. Additionally, she shares design tips on her blog where you can get a sneak peek into her travels as well. 

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2) Abhinav Yadav

Abhinav Yadav’s plans to attend ESCP Europe were thwarted by COVID-19 in 2020. While stuck at home, he launched an Instagram page, “Create Your Taste,” sharing DIY projects. 

As his page gained popularity, he started promoting local artisans from Varanasi, India, showcasing their handmade bamboo, jute, and cane products. His page began with DIY videos and expanded into supporting local craftsmanship.

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3) Luis Arturo

Luis Arturo is a home decor influencer based in Los Angeles, known for his vibrant home decor style infused with his Mexican heritage. From his ever-evolving loft, he shares captivating content that reflects his cultural roots and travels to Mexico City and Oaxaca, offering followers a taste of authentic inspiration. 

With a keen eye for design and a passion for storytelling, Luis brings a unique blend of creativity and cultural flair to his content, making him a trusted source of inspiration in the world of home decor.

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4) Aleksandra Morawiak 

Next up on our home decor creators list is Aleksandra Morawiak, an artist with a passion for collage and interior design. She finds joy in the colors of everyday life, expressing herself through her imaginative creations. 

Aleksandra has collaborated with publishers, brands, and agencies in Poland and abroad. She has also been featured in renowned publications like Zwierciadło, ELLE, and KUKBUK. 

Her illustrations have earned prestigious awards, including the Must Have label from Łódź Design Festival and the Golden Prize of KTR. With 34.7k followers on Instagram and an online blog, Aleksandra is your go-to person for everything related to home decor.

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5) Mister Preda

Meet Mister Preda, your best friend next door, bringing you all things home, travel, and lifestyle. 

Known for his content on YouTube, where he has amassed over 300k subscribers, Daniel, aka Mister Preda, shares insights on home decor, interior design, skincare, puppies, travel vlogs, and more. If you’re looking for budget-friendly room makeover ideas or tips for a fulfilling lifestyle, this home decor influencer has you covered. 

Apart from YouTube, You can also follow him on Instagram, and Twitter for daily doses of home decor inspiration.

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6) Budget Hobby

BudgetHobby is a well-known home decor creator specializing in creating fun and “geeky” DIY projects using budgeted and recycled materials. 

Their easy-to-follow videos feature popular characters from video games, cartoons, anime, and more.With over 500k followers on their YouTube channel, BudgetHobby shares a wide range of DIY videos, including plushies, phone cases, backpacks, and more.

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7) Chelley Royston

Meet Chelley Royston, a dedicated wife and mother of three, who shares her passion for organizing, home decor, beauty, and more through engaging videos. 

Known for her popular “clean with me” videos, Chelley tackles the aftermath of her children’s adventures, bringing order to the chaos. Follow her for tips and inspiration on managing household chaos while maintaining style and grace.

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8) Emily Rayna

Emily Rayna is a multifaceted artist with a background in design and dance. She graduated from Endicott College with a BFA in interior design/architecture and a minor in Dance. 

Hailing from Florida and raised in New Hampshire, Emily’s passion for art and the color yellow shines through in her work. Her creative endeavors range from commercial to residential design. She also participated in the 2018 IIDA Fashion Show as a member of the Interior Design Club at Endicott. She has more than 800k subscribers on YouTube and an Instagram following of over 400k.

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9) Candis Halligan

Candis Halligan, a military spouse and mother of two sons, offers practical advice on lifestyle, cleaning, organization, and home decor through her channel. Her “all day get it done” videos offer a glimpse into her daily life, featuring everything from delicious dinner recipes to organizing the pantry and unpacking IKEA hauls. 

With a relatable approach and real-life solutions, Candis provides valuable insights for managing household tasks while maintaining a beautifully decorated home, making her channel a go-to resource for followers seeking inspiration and motivation.

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10) Preeti Susant

Next on our curated home decor influencer list is Preeti Susant, an interior designer and product stylist based in Kolkata, India. 

She’s known for her plant-focused approach to home decor, showcasing unique wall adornments like wreaths, masks, and hats. On her Instagram, Preeti shares tips for festive decorations, DIY interior projects, and more. With over 23k followers, her profile is a go-to for simple yet unique home styling ideas.

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11) Whitney

Our next home decor influencer is Whitney, a midwestern enthusiast with a knack for farmhouse decor and budget-friendly craft projects. Her channel is a treasure trove of DIY tutorials, Cricut tips, home decor discoveries, and money-saving strategies. 

Boiling it down, Whitney is all about home decorating, power tools, Cricut crafting, and budget-friendly finds. With a background in news reporting and corporate communications, she’s passionate about creating visual content and helping others craft homes they adore. 

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12) Claire Berard

Claire Beard, known for her original blog, The Rustic Pig, embarked on her creative journey in 2012 after leaving her role as an elementary school teacher. Based in Texas, Claire shares her passion for DIY projects and home decor through her Instagram page, Rustic Pig Designs. 

With a penchant for antiquing, painting, and selling furniture, she lovingly transforms her yellow farmhouse one DIY project at a time. Claire’s Instagram showcases her elegant yet down-to-earth Southern living style, with a self-proclaimed “fixer-upper” aesthetic. 

She gravitates towards decor that has a cozy, unpretentious charm while maintaining a stylish, modern edge.

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13) Jennifer Houghton

Jennifer Houghton, the creative home decor creator behind Turtle Creek Lane, believes in celebrating life’s every moment. She is a passionate interior designer who envisions homes as sanctuaries of warmth and joy. 

Jennifer’s goal is to create spaces that feel like a warm embrace, where love, laughter, and dreams flourish. In addition to her strong social media presence, she also shares ideas and inspiration on her blog to transform any home into a joyful gathering place. 

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14) Michelle Hsu

Michelle Hsu is a beacon of inspiration in the world of lifestyle and home decor blogging. 

With a commitment to fostering joy and comfort within living spaces, Michelle shares her wealth of design ideas and tips weekly, empowering her followers to create homes that radiate happiness. 

Specializing in cozy aesthetics, she skillfully navigates budget-friendly design solutions, offering invaluable advice on transforming any space into a sanctuary. Michelle’s curated recommendations from her favorite brands and shops ensure that her audience has access to the finest decor elements to elevate their homes. 

As a lifestyle and home decor influencer, Michelle Hsu’s platform serves as a go-to destination for those seeking weekly doses of decorating inspiration, DIY projects, and hosting ideas.

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15) Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan is a vibrant advocate for bold colors, particularly pink. Her platform offers endless inspiration for those who share her love for lively and colorful decor. 

As the co-host of Colourful Home Vibe, she showcases vibrant rooms from around the world, providing a global perspective on colorful interiors. If you’re seeking to inject personality and vivacity into your living spaces, Kate Morgan’s content is a valuable resource.

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Home Decor Influencer Campaigns: Successful Case Studies

Below are some examples of successful brand campaigns with home decor influencers:

1) Flooret

Flooret teamed up with renowned DIYer Carrie Anne for an influencer marketing campaign to promote their Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection. 

Carrie Anne created a brief, step-by-step video demonstrating the flooring installation process, emphasizing its durability and cost-saving benefits. In her caption, she mentioned saving $4,000 with the flooring. Additionally, Carrie Anne shared a discount code to encourage viewers to order samples for themselves.

2) Rust-Oleum Canada

Rust-Oleum Canada worked closely with influencers to introduce their pre-tinted wall paint collection, Colour Spark. They teamed up with real estate expert and HGTV personality Scott McGillivray for lively product endorsements and instructional videos. Additionally, they also encouraged feedback from various social media influencers.

3) West Elm

In April 2021, West Elm introduced The Collective, their inaugural ambassador program. It includes two types of home decor creators: insiders and tastemakers. 

Tastemakers are the industry leaders who get highlighted monthly on the West Elm website. On the other hand, ‘Insiders’ are upcoming creators from different places. Each member of The Collective shares their preferred items with their followers, and West Elm features every collection on its website and social media channels.

Campaign Ideas For Home Decor Influencer Marketing

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of popular home decor influencer marketing campaigns you can implement. 

1) Home Tours

Home tours serve as an excellent method for influencers to provide their followers with an intimate view of their design preferences. They work even better on live streams because viewers can ask about certain items and chat with the creator right then and there. Brands can use campaigns to showcase their range of home decor products.

2) Budget makeovers

High-quality home renovation content is enjoyable, but budget-friendly makeover videos are popular as they allow creators to resonate with their audience. Decorating a home can feel overwhelming, but many influencers can guide you through it without overspending. 

Brands can benefit from these campaigns by partnering with influencers who specialize in budget-friendly makeovers. They can collaborate with influencers to showcase their products as affordable options for home improvement. 

This not only allows brands to reach a wider audience but also demonstrates the versatility and affordability of their products. Additionally, brands can offer discount codes or promotions through influencers to encourage viewers to try their products for their own budget-friendly makeovers.

3) Sustainable DIY

Sustainable DIY videos for home decor offer a creative approach to interior design, showing that amazing decor doesn’t always have to be bought from high-end stores. 

For designers on a budget or those craving unique pieces, influencers provide inspiration and tutorials. They’re particularly valuable for craft and art supply brands looking to showcase their product potential.

Brands can tap into this trend by partnering with influencers who specialize in sustainable DIY home decor. By collaborating with these creators, brands can showcase how their products can be used in eco-friendly and innovative ways. 

Additionally, brands can provide influencers with their products to use in DIY tutorials, reaching a wider audience and establishing their brand as a go-to for sustainable home decor solutions.

4) Shop with me

“Shop with me” videos are immensely popular and engaging as the influencers take viewers along to browse their favorite stores, discussing items, budgets, and their design process. 

For brands, this trend offers a smart way to introduce new products to a targeted audience. By partnering with influencers for sponsored content, brands can showcase their products in real-world settings. 

Additionally, brands can offer special promotions or discounts through these videos to encourage viewers to make purchases.

That’s our list of well-known home decor influencers to help you find the right fit for your campaigns. However, if you need more options and need a handy tool to manage your campaigns, we suggest you explore Happine!

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In conclusion, these home decor influencers exemplify the power of influencer marketing in the realm of interior design. 

With 89% of marketers saying that working with influencers gives them good results, it shows that these influencers greatly impact what people like and buy. 

By following these influential voices, you gain access to a treasure trove of ideas, trends, and recommendations to elevate your home decor game. 

Furthermore, we suggest utilizing influencer marketing platforms like Happine for successful influencer marketing campaigns. This tool not only assists in finding influencers but also helps in creating user-generated content and provides detailed analytics for each campaign.

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