Are you looking for top Chicago food influencers? Chicago’s food culture is rich, diverse, and endlessly delicious, from iconic deep-dish pizza joints to hidden gem taco stands. 

69% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations, making these food influencers trusted guides in navigating Chicago’s culinary landscape. These influencers offer curated guides to the best eats in Chicago, providing expert recommendations and mouthwatering content. So, let’s get started!

1) Sam Roby

Meet Sam Roby, the brains behind @chicagofoodauthority. As an OG Chicago food blogger, Sam’s expertise goes beyond food recommendations. Alongside uncovering the city’s best eats, Sam also informs you about the hottest events in Chicago.

Additionally, she founded @sosimplysam, a website dedicated to local travel and places you should explore.

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2) Mina Im 

Introducing Mina Im, the powerhouse behind By day, she works in corporate marketing for a finance company, but her true passion lies in exploring and sharing the best of Chicago’s food scene. 

Her background in communications, digital media, and writing allows her to convey her message in a way that resonates with her audience. Additionally, she has collaborated with major brands like McDonald’s, Crate and Barrel, and Starbucks. 

With 76.5k Instagram followers, her platform is a go-to destination for food lovers looking for new food spots in Chicago.

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3) Chicago Food Guide

Operated by Chicago food influencers @amintomalieh and @mcamilagallegor, The Chicago Food Guide platform is so persuasive that you’ll be compelled to sprint to the restaurants they recommend. 

Additionally, they host a feature series titled “Eat Like A Bear,” where they dine at Chicago restaurants alongside Chicago Bears players, indulging in excellent food and captivating tales.

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4) 312Food

Chicago food influencer Erin Byrne is the brains behind 312 Food—a must-follow for anyone looking to explore Chicago’s culinary delights. Erin, an independent marketing consultant and the founder of 312food started this platform to connect local restaurants with the community that loves them. 

From Caribbean brunch to authentic Greek cuisine, 312 Food has all the best spots mapped out for you. She is focused on supporting local eateries and features neighborhood gems. Her recommendations are genuine, humble, and sincere. 

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5) chicago_eats

Prepare to indulge in a culinary adventure with Chicago Eats. Each post on this platform is a feast for the eyes, featuring an array of delectable local dishes that will leave you spoiled for choice. 

From frosted Rice Krispies to mint chocolate brownies, giant pretzels to oysters filled with uni and ikura, kelp noodles to non-tuna sushi, and duck carnitas—@chicago_eats has it all. With such a tempting variety, deciding where to begin may be the hardest part of your dining journey.

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6) Chicago Food Goals

Are you searching for your next food adventure in Chicago but unsure where to start? Look no further than @chicagofoodgoals. This Instagram account is your compass to navigating the city’s culinary landscape. 

With their top-tier photography skills, they expertly capture dishes in all their mouthwatering glory, ensuring you know exactly what to expect before taking that first bite. Beyond stunning visuals, @chicagofoodgoals also offers in-depth reviews you can trust, guiding you toward the most delicious dining experiences in the Windy City. 

Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor seeking gastronomic delights, let @chicagofoodgoals lead you to your ultimate food goals.

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7) Chicago Food Finds

Chicago Food Finds is a team of digital creators specializing in restaurant growth and social media expertise. They help various establishments in the food and beverage industry to expand their businesses through influencer collaborations and strategic marketing.

Their services range from creative strategy to influencer management, content creation, and analytics. Chicago Food Finds is committed to connecting restaurants, lounges, and coffee shops with fresh audiences. 

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8) Mauna Eats Chicago

Mauna, the lifelong Illinoisan and food enthusiast is the person behind Maunaeatschicago. With a passion for exploring the different cuisines in Chicago and beyond, Mauna shares her foodie journey with her 87k Instagram followers. 

Her Instagram feed has super aesthetic photos that will have you double-tapping everything in sight. Mauna often highlights businesses that are woman- or minority-owned, to build inclusivity on her feed. 

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9) chi.veg.girl

Tap in to the feed of Chi.veg.girl, an Indian-American who’s passionate about food, culture, and sharing her vegetarian journey. Having attended Michigan, Chicago holds a special place in her heart. Now married and settled in the city, she explores its dynamic culture and diverse food scene. 

As a lifelong vegetarian, Chi.veg.girl understands the struggle of finding delicious and inclusive dining options. With the rise of plant-based choices, she strives to share her culinary adventures and favorite spots with you. 

From her love of Indian-American cuisine to navigating the city’s desi scene, Chi.veg.girl invites you to join her journey of tasty discoveries and good vibes.

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10) Best Date Food

Find the ultimate guide to the best date ideas and events in Chicago with Best Date Food Chicago! This account, run by multiple bloggers, is your go-to source for all things food, news, and activities in Chicago. 

With 466k Instagram followers and an active blog featuring topics like St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and winter date ideas, they’ve got you covered for every occasion. Additionally, they also have a Thursday newsletter, where they curate the most fun and interesting Chicago news and things to do. 

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11) Inspiring Kitchen

Inspiring Kitchen is managed by Julie Gordon, a seasoned expert with over 14 years in the housewares industry. She has represented top brands like All-Clad and Shun Knives, and now shares her knowledge with brides, grooms, homeowners, and more. 

From kitchen design to recipe development and beyond, Inspiring Kitchen is your go-to resource for building the kitchen of your dreams. Julie shares tips on setting up your first kitchen together, upgrading your existing space, culinary travel tips, etc. 

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12) Chicago Food Stories

Explore the hidden tales behind Chicago’s culinary scene with @Chicagofoodstories. With an organically grown audience of 17k followers, this account delves beyond the surface to uncover the fascinating stories behind the city’s best dishes. 

From heartfelt captions to detailed insights, @Chicagofoodstories shares the stories that make each bite truly memorable.

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13) Chicago Foodie

Chicago foodie with their signature upbeat video content and Pinterest-worthy thumbnails, they’ve cemented their status as one of the true OG foodies in the city. From mouthwatering dishes to culinary adventures, @chicagofoodie is your ultimate guide to the Windy City’s vibrant food scene.

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14) Chicago by Ren

Allow Ren, your Chicago insider, to guide you through the city’s vibrant food and entertainment scene. Known as Chicago by Ren, she’s passionate about sharing the city’s best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more. 

You can find romantic date spots, weekend adventures, and budget-friendly eats on Ren’s feed. Ren is your go-to expert if you’re looking to impress a special someone, plan a weekend getaway, or simply explore the best of Chicago.

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15) Erica Eats Everything

Erica, the culinary explorer behind Erica Eats Everything, leaves no dish unturned, ensuring there’s still plenty of great food left for you to enjoy too! 

From showcasing new restaurant openings to sharing insider tips on food festivals for Chicago foodies, Erica’s got you covered. Her bubbly personality shines through in her TikTok description, where she describes herself as “sunny with a chance of pizza, mojitos & beyond.” 

With her knack for winning attention in Chicago, Erica knows just how to satisfy your cravings and keep you coming back for more culinary delights.

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16) Keninnchicago

Kennedy, also known as Ken, your go-to Chicago food influencer capturing the best of Chicago living! 

Based in downtown Chicago, Kennedy shares the best things to do in the city and nearby areas on her TikTok and Instagram. A majority of followers are from Illinois, thus her content is tailored for locals and tourists alike. She sheds light on local restaurants, hotels, and museums to dog-friendly activities, events, and nightlife. 

Plus, as an ambassador for @chicago.explore, she loves showcasing the city’s top businesses and unique experiences. 

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17) Bored in Chicago

Never experience boredom in Chicago again with Bored in Chicago! With over 309K followers on Instagram and TikTok, they’re your go-to source for new, fun, and affordable activities. 

Renowned in “foodies in Chicago” roundups, they share the best lunch specials like all-you-can-eat sushi and authentic international cuisine. Their popular series, “Eating the Food of Every Country, All Near Chicago,” attracts thousands of views. 

Additionally, don’t miss their blog of the same name, where they share must-visit places and exciting things to do across the city.

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18) Visual by Jack

Get to know Jack Gillespie, the force behind Visuals by Jack. With a whopping 348K followers, Jack doesn’t just share about the best steakhouses or immersive restaurants in the city—he’s also making a difference through acts of kindness. 

Whether it’s giving flowers to strangers or leaving random sticky notes with positive quotes across the city, Jack is spreading positivity wherever he goes. Jack leads by example in a world that could use more kindness. He also heads up a team called Chishooters, a community that plans events and arranges photoshoots.

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19) Justin Story

Justin Story is a renowned Chicago food influencer running the account DaFattestNinja, also known as DaCoolestNinja, to his loyal followers! With viral hits like his reviews on “The Hotdog Box” and “Gorditas in Little Village,” he’s not only a food aficionado but also a family man at heart. 

Don’t miss his heartwarming “Daddy Daughter Day” post, unless you’re one of the 1.8 million people who have already seen it! He has a massive following of 160k followers on TikTok, 18k on Instagram, and 4k subscribers on YouTube.

Join the fun and follow DaFattestNinja for a mix of food reviews and heartwarming family content.

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20) Chowcago

Discover the best eats in Chicagoland with Chowcago! Managed by actor Seth Boyer, this account explores restaurants, cafes, bars, and food businesses. With honest reviews and a sprinkle of humor, they’re not afraid to share honest opinions. 

Their YouTube channel has over 7k subscribers, TikTok has 81k followers, and Seth’s personal Instagram has 26k followers.

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21) Chicago Good Life

Christine Zwolinski is the creative brains behind Chicago Good Life, your go-to resource for everything Chicago and beyond. Christine is a dedicated parent friend around town, focusing on one of Chicago’s best features: the food! 

Her colorful feed features excellent meals, family-friendly activities, new exhibits, local business coupon codes, and date-night suggestions. Christine travels with her husband Manny and their two children, Noah and Mila, on activities that include touring Chicago neighborhoods, attending museum exhibits, and concerts. 

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22) Midwest Foodie Girl

Next up on our Chicago food influencers list is Kylie, a passionate food blogger and the person behind Midwest Foodie Girl.  As a dedicated food blogger, photographer, and recipe developer, Kylie’s passion lies in creating simple yet satisfying dishes that are perfect for nourishing families. 

At Midwest Foodie, you’ll find a curated selection of reliable recipes that have been tested and approved by Kylie’s kitchen. From college students to busy parents, everyone can find inspiration in Kylie’s tasty creations.

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23) ChiCityFoodie

Savor Chicago’s culinary delights through the lens of Seth Marcus, the creative genius behind ChiCityFoodie. With a spirited embrace of #lifedoesnotsuck, Seth’s Instagram serves up a delectable array of the city’s gastronomic treasures. 

From tantalizing behind-the-scenes glimpses of restaurants to uncovering the city’s thinnest pizza joints, Seth’s posts are a feast for the eyes and the appetite. Join him on a mouthwatering journey as he navigates Chicago’s vibrant food scene, igniting your cravings and sparking your next culinary adventure!

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24) Sherrie Tan

Explore Chicago through the lens of Sherrie Tan, the skilled executive pastry chef at Sweet Mandy B’s, and the innovative mind behind Sherrie Savors the City. 

Hailing from the Philippines, Sherrie’s culinary journey took her through New York’s Culinary Institute of America before finding her place in Chicago. She has also worked at Tru, Charlie Trotter’s, and Peninsula, giving a depth of expertise to her food reviews.

Sherrie invites you to join her journey, from sampling the finest offerings the city has to offer to showcasing her mouthwatering creations, her account has it all. Sherrie’s crisp and enticing food photography sets her apart from her peers in the Chicago food blogging community. 

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25) Kanchan Garg

Kanchan Garg is a distinctive Chicago food influencer focusing on authentic and personalized food content. Unlike typical food influencers, FoodGuruChicago offers a unique approach by providing detailed mini-blogs sharing insight into the meal, honest opinions, and a snapshot of the restaurant.

Every photograph featured on FoodGuruChicago’s account is taken personally by her using only a smartphone and without any filters, ensuring an unfiltered and authentic portrayal.

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26) Love and Lemons

Jeanine Donofrio, a home cook and a published author is the mastermind behind Love and Lemons. She is renowned for creating delicious dishes that are both healthy and inviting. 

Through her famous cookbooks, Love and Lemons Every Day and The Love and Lemons Cookbook, she shares her passion for cooking with seasonal, plant-based ingredients. 

Bon Appétit praised her cookbook as “the most beautiful” they’ve seen. Additionally, Jeanine’s culinary creations have been featured in The New York Times, People, and Oprah, and she has collaborated with brands like Whole Foods and Le Creuset. 

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27) Chris Dolo Eats

Chrisdolo Eats, Chicago’s go-to food guru, delivers mouthwatering recommendations and reactions. With a staggering Instagram following of 273k, Chrisdolo is the trendsetter of the food scene, eagerly exploring every popular hotspot. 

His engaged audience eagerly awaits his verdict on new food finds, making him the ultimate guide to Chicago’s culinary delights.

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28) Tamika

This Chicago food influencer is a powerhouse with a passion for healthy living and a vegan lifestyle. After discovering the transformative effects of a plant-based diet on her asthma, she never looked back. 

She shares her journey around Chicago sharing vegan recommendations that are both trusted and delicious. Alongside her culinary pursuits, Tamika is the proud owner of Standout Style Boutique with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. 

Her work has graced screens across the nation, from The Rachael Ray Show to American Express commercials, showcasing her unique blend of fashion and foodie expertise.

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29) Miguel Santana

Next up on our curated list of Chicago food influencers is Miguel Santana, a social media sensation with over 100k devoted followers on Instagram. 

Renowned for his impeccable aesthetic and keen eye for detail, Miguel captures stunning imagery that tantalizes the senses. His specialty lies in curating lists of must-visit destinations for specific dishes or cuisines, offering his audience a roadmap to culinary delights. 

Whether you’re craving a decadent dessert or seeking out the perfect slice of pizza, Miguel’s recommendations are sure to satisfy your cravings and inspire your next foodie adventure.

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30) Pooja Naik

Pooja Naik’s love for seafood traces back to her childhood in Mumbai, where Sunday walks to the beach with her grandfather sparked her passion. Crab curry made from freshly caught crabs became a favorite dish, igniting her lifelong love affair with fish. 

After moving to Chicago, Pooja immersed herself in the city’s vibrant food scene, noticing a gap in discussions about seafood. Determined to fill this void, she launched Chicago’s first pescetarian blog, celebrating her favorite cuisine and promoting conversations about sustainable seafood. 

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