Welcome to the ultimate guide on Twitter Influencer Marketing, your go-to resource for unlocking the potential of this powerful marketing strategy. 

Twitter is used by 89% of people as a platform for discovering new products. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of leveraging Twitter influencers to boost your brand’s visibility and engage with your target audience. 

Whether you’re new to influencer marketing or looking to refine your current approach, this guide has you covered. Let’s explore more about influencer marketing on Twitter and harness the full power of social media influence.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Twitter influencer
  • Why use Twitter influencer marketing? 
  • How do you find the right people for Twitter influencer marketing?
  • Types of Twitter influencer marketing
  • Use the right tools for Twitter influencer marketing
  • Expert tips for Twitter influencer marketing

Understanding Twitter influencer

A Twitter influencer is a person on Twitter who can impact what others think and do with their posts. Brands can use these influencers to persuade people on Twitter to purchase their stuff. Twitter influencers are typically important figures like industry experts, CEOs, journalists, political commentators, athletes, and celebrities.

A study reveals that 40% of Twitter users agree on being directly impacted by Tweets. Moreover, Twitter still maintains competitive engagement rates when compared to other platforms. 

Why use Twitter influencer marketing? 

  • Real-Time Engagement: Since the platform is known for its real-time nature, Twitter influencers can create and share content that aligns with current trends, events, or conversations.
  • Utilize Trending Topics: Over half of Twitter users (55%) get their news from the platform. If your brand is tied to a hot news story or you have new research, Twitter influencers can boost your visibility.
  • Hashtag Campaigns: Twitter thrives on hashtags, and influencers can leverage this by creating and promoting branded hashtags.
  • Twitter Chats: Influencers can host or participate in Twitter chats, facilitating direct conversations between your brand, the influencer, and their audience. 
  • Polls and Surveys: Utilizing Twitter’s interactive features, influencers can conduct polls or surveys on your behalf. 
  • Twitter Moments:  Influencers can curate and share Twitter Moments, a collection of tweets around a specific topic or event.
  • Live Video Streaming: Collaborating with influencers for live Q&A sessions, product launches, or behind-the-scenes glimpses can be highly engaging.
  • Improve Sales: 53% of Twitter users are likely to be the first to buy new products. If you’ve got something new and cool to offer, Twitter is a great platform to make sales for your brand.

How do you find the right people for Twitter influencer marketing?

To start any influencer marketing on Twitter, you have to find relevant yet top Twitter influencers first. Once you figure out the kind of people you wish to team up with, it’s time for influencer discovery. 

So, here are some tools to help you find the best Twitter influencers. 

1) Google Search

To find Twitter influencers easily, you can use Google in a few simple ways. First, search for people who write about specific topics and check if they have active Twitter accounts. 

Additionally, you can also search for a topic along with “Twitter” to find relevant Tweets and discover potential influencers. If you want to know if someone is a Twitter influencer, just Google their name and check their profile. 

2) Twitter Search 

To find Twitter influencers, you can also use Twitter itself. Look for people using your brand’s hashtags or those of your competitors. Focus on those who consistently talk about relevant stuff and not unrelated things. 

You can also use filters to refine your search, especially in a competitive field. Another way is to join relevant conversations or chat rooms on Twitter to see who’s influential or trying to become an influencer. Keep an eye on these people or follow them to check if they’re a good fit for your needs.

3) Explore the Twitter Influencers List

Twitter lists, available within Twitter itself, are a handy tool for finding influencers. Navigate to your homepage’s “lists” icon, next to messages and notifications. Here, create your list by adding known thought leaders in your field. 

Furthermore, check if they maintain relevant lists, subscribe, and explore diverse interests to discover new influencers. Get creative; lists aren’t limited to professional topics and can be crafted around hobbies, offering unexpected sources for valuable influencers.

Types of Twitter Influencer Marketing

Using Twitter influencers is a great way to connect with your audience and generate leads. Below are the best strategies for influencer marketing on Twitter: 

1) Paid Tweets

Paid tweets, known as sponsored tweets, can greatly boost your brand. If you’re considering a Twitter influencer campaign, this method is effective. Even if your content is interesting, sponsoring tweets helps you reach new audiences. 

However, in this case, you can hire Twitter influencers to create promotional content for sponsored tweets on Twitter. You need to share goals, objectives, and themes that align with your brand image and principles. Twitter influencers often use various social media platforms, and some even have their own websites or blogs. 

Thus, partnering with reliable influencers can be more advantageous for the brand, as they are capable of spreading the message on a global level.

2) Product Reviews on Twitter

For example, when you’re looking for restaurant suggestions, you might ask your friends first. But if their ideas are limited, you might check social media. For Twitter influencer marketing, you can search for a hashtag related to your business i.e. #restaurant hashtag.

Upon doing, this, you’ll come across tweets from relevant Twitter influencers. Among the options, you can pick the one that seems the most popular. This is another example of a Twitter influencer marketing effort.

Let the influencers you partner with share their honest opinions after trying your products or services. This can lead to more natural conversations around your products/services.

3) Twitter account takeover

Taking over a Twitter account involves trusting the influencer you’re working with. You have to give them access to all the information on your Twitter account. Then, the influencer logs in and talks about your brand using your account. This kind of influencer campaign is quite common. 

For instance, Canadian Tire, an official sponsor of the Canadian Olympic Committee, wanted to connect with its followers on Twitter to enhance its sponsorship. The Trend Takeover+ campaign generated impressive statistics, with over 6 million impressions, 16,000 engagements, and 2,900 brand mentions.

4) Pre-launch campaigns for your product

Even before your products or services are available, you can kick off a Twitter influencer marketing campaign to showcase it to your audience. This will generate curiosity and anticipation for your upcoming brand. 

Furthermore, you can introduce your business to potential customers by partnering with Twitter influencers even after the brand is launched.

5) Product discounts

In this strategy, you have the option to propose ideas to the Twitter influencer you’re working with. For example, you can suggest providing a 10% discount on your products and services, and the influencer will promote it in their tweets.

The influencer can then encourage their followers with a call to action, specifying that the discount is exclusive to their audience. This way, both you and the Twitter influencer benefit – their followers increase, and you gain more customers.

Use the right tools for Twitter influencer marketing

While having many followers is important, a Twitter influencer’s success mostly depends on how engaged their followers are. To run a successful Twitter influencer campaign, it’s recommended to invest in a tool that reveals the engagement rates of potential partners. Here are some tools you can check:

1) Happine

Discover and team up with the right influencers to boost your brand with Happine. Use the Happine.cc dashboard to easily oversee and track your influencers’ performance, streamlining the brand promotion process!

Key Features

  • Influencer Discovery: Effortlessly find influencers based on criteria like age, location, gender, followers, and keywords.
  • ROI Prediction: Anticipate the expected return on investment when partnering with specific influencers.
  • Content Recommendations: Get diverse content ideas for your marketing campaign directly from influencers using the dashboard.
  • User-Generated Content: Identify loyal customers and guide them in creating user-generated content.
  • Influencer Management: Effortlessly manage influencers and their content with the Happine.cc dashboard.
  • Revenue Tracking: Monitor and analyze the revenue generated by each influencer.
  • Automated Rewards: Automatically issue rewards to influencers who achieve predefined milestones.

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2) BuzzSumo

Elevate your content strategy with BuzzSumo, a powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way you approach online content. Unleash the potential of data-driven insights and influencer discovery, and effortlessly monitor your brand’s performance in the dynamic digital landscape.

Key Features

  • Content Ideas Generator: Say farewell to creative blocks with BuzzSumo’s extensive database of content ideas.
  • Data-Powered Content: Rely on data over guesswork, as BuzzSumo constantly scans the web to deliver the most popular and trending content in any niche.
  • Engaged Audiences: Locate authors and creators with actively engaged audiences across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and the broader web.
  • Competitor Tracking: Stay ahead by monitoring the activities and strategies of your competitors.
  • Brand Mentions: Keep a vigilant eye on brand mentions to effectively manage your online reputation.
  • Industry Updates: Stay informed about the latest trends and updates in your industry, ensuring your strategies remain current.

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3) Upfluence

Upfluence is your all-in-one solution for turning creators into revenue, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for influencer marketing, affiliate programs, creator management, user-generated content, and brand ambassador partnerships.

Key Features 

  • Discover Creators and Affiliates: Find the perfect match across all social networks, from micro-influencers to celebrities and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).
  • Budget Management and ROI Tracking: Effortlessly handle budget management and track Return on Investment (ROI) for optimized campaign performance.
  • Integrated ChatGPT Solution: Streamline workflows and establish seamless connections with content creators using their integrated ChatGPT solution.
  • Content Dashboard: Access a visually appealing dashboard encompassing Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Automatic Content Gathering: Automatically collect content related to your campaigns, ensuring a constant stream of engaging material.
  • Exportable Data: Export campaign data as shareable PDFs for easy collaboration and reporting.

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Expert tips for Twitter influencer marketing

We have 5 tips for your Twitter influencer campaign!

Tip 1: Complete your Twitter business profile setup 

When you start your influencer campaign, make sure your Twitter account is optimized. Make sure you maintain a consistent brand presence on Twitter when it comes to using the logo, banner, and images. 

Include SEO keywords relevant to your brand in the bio and in the name if possible. 

Tip 2: Boost the influencers

It’s good to encourage influencers to tweet in their voice and creativity. This makes their tweets more natural and trustworthy. Followers can easily recognize the influencer’s writing style. So, let the influencer share their thoughts with their followers as much as possible.

Tip 3: Keep an eye on the interaction of sponsored tweets

First, set a goal and Twitter KPIs. For instance, decide how much you want your followers and active customers to grow after partnering with this influencer. Then, consistently check the engagement of these tweets.

  • Grow your Twitter followers
  • Raise awareness for your brand
  • Cultivate brand loyalty
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Boost conversions
  • Enhance Twitter engagement
  • Amplify video views

Tip 4: Check your Twitter data

Look at your Twitter analytics to find out which of your Tweets get shared the most. By using this tool, you can create interesting content that your audience likes. It could be helpful threads, cool pictures, funny memes, or useful advice. 

This way, you make sure the stuff you share is interesting and matters to your audience.

Tip 5: Create unique codes

Create a unique webpage or code for each influencer. Don’t use the same code or deals for different influencers. To do this, talk to each influencer privately and work out a special plan.

Begin your Twitter influencer marketing now!

In conclusion, mastering Twitter influencer marketing requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. This comprehensive guide has provided key insights and essential tips to help you navigate the dynamic world of influencer collaboration on Twitter. 

Remember, 93% of brand followers on Twitter intend to make purchases from them and this underscores the potential of Twitter influencer marketing in building brand loyalty. By optimizing your profile, engaging influencers authentically, and leveraging analytics, you can build a powerful presence and drive meaningful results for your brand.

Additionally, we recommend using Happine to easily find relevant influencers, build campaigns, and get in-depth analytics. Click below to create your first campaign now!

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