If you’re wondering how to get influencers to promote your product, you’re in the right place. 

According to statistics, 69% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations, making them an invaluable ally in promoting your brand. Thus, connecting your product with the right influencers can help you gain trust and boost your brand. 

Let’s look at the important steps to ensure your teamwork with influencers is successful and connects well with influencers and their loyal followers.

How to find the right influencers?

Finding the right influencers is vital for a successful campaign. They should not only create authentic content but also be a good match for your brand.

1) Stay away from influencers who are ready to promote anything. 

Many new influencers may need to realize that endorsing anything and everything can harm their brand. Look for influencers who prioritize values and quality content over brand promotions. 

You want influencers who prioritize values and high-quality content over brand promotion. When these influencers do endorse products or services, they show a clear enthusiasm for the subject matter and leverage that brand excitement to connect with their audience more effectively. 

2) Connect with influencers relevant to your brand

Connecting with influencers relevant to your brand is essential as it ensures a seamless integration between the influencer’s lifestyle and your products. 

A mismatch can compromise authenticity and hinder follower engagement. Equally important is the influencer’s familiarity with and passion for your products, making their endorsement more genuine. 

When influencers authentically use and love your brand, campaign coordination becomes smoother, resulting in more convincing and natural content that resonates better with their audience.

For instance, consider Lume Cube, a brand offering versatile lighting solutions. Its products naturally complement the needs of professional photographers and remote workers requiring lighting for video calls. 

That’s why Lume Cube specifically targeted influencers with these characteristics, leading to remarkable results in their influencer program.


3) Evaluate the influencer’s engagement rate.

Checking an influencer’s engagement rate is crucial to gauge the strength of their relationship with followers. Engagement metrics, including likes, comments, and post shares, provide insights into the audience’s level of interaction with the influencer’s content. 

These metrics reflect the effectiveness of the influencer in resonating with their audience. By collaborating with an influencer, you acquire supplementary engagement metrics, such as statistics on link clicks and the redemption of coupon codes. With this information, you can understand the impact of the influencer’s promotion on your brand.

Monitoring engagement rates ensures that your collaboration with influencers yields meaningful and impactful results.

For instance, if an influencer uses campaign-specific hashtags, you can search for their popularity. Additionally, keep in mind that each social platform offers different ways for users to engage with posts and other users.

4) Conduct an influencer assessment.

While you can sometimes identify effective influencers through their recent posts and audience feedback, many crucial factors may not be immediately apparent.

This is why many marketers turn to influencer analysis tools. Through thorough influencer research, you can evaluate post consistency, aesthetics, and the alignment between sponsored content and the influencer’s brand.

Another commonly used method is influencer mapping. This involves comparing multiple influencers and assessing their effectiveness based on metrics such as:

  • Overall influence
  • Prominence
  • Reach
  • Alignment with brand values
  • Authority
  • Overall public opinion
  • Consistency of opinions (on values and issues)
  • Willingness to engage in discussions on those opinions

How to ask influencers to promote your product?

Influencer outreach may vary based on the social media platform and industry. Here are some proven methods for effectively conducting influencer outreach.

1) Consider gifting products to influencers.

Many effective influencer programs rely on product gifting, also known as product seeding, to recruit new influencers.

It is critical for marketers that influencers understand how to use the things they get. Influencer campaigns are only successful when the influencer genuinely loves the products. If the influencer is not enthused about the goods, their marketing may be inauthentic.

2) Avoid commenting on posts

Avoid using Instagram comments as a means of outreach. Although it’s often frowned upon, some brands may participate in the practice of making public comments on an influencer’s post to start a collaboration.

Influencers are picky about the brands they choose to work with, therefore they frequently like more individualized and private forms of contact like emails or direct messages.

3) Find out which communication channel the influencer prefers to use.

Skilled influencers who work with brands have preferred ways to communicate. Direct messaging an influencer on their primary social media platform and making a quick offer to send them a gift works best most of the time. Inquire politely about the influencer’s preferred method of communication if they reply.

4) Avoid overhyping your brand.

When crafting your outreach message, ensure that your pitch centers on your admiration for the influencer. Highlight the reasons for reaching out, such as their posting style and personality. 

While it’s necessary to introduce yourself and your brand, it’s unrealistic to expect the influencer to instantly embrace your product after one message. As a result, you should avoid promoting your products during the initial interaction. Interested influencers will likely conduct their research on your brand, so it’s more effective to focus the first message on them and express your genuine interest.

5) Explore to know the influencers better.

The longest-lasting partnerships are those between brands and influencers. It is therefore a good idea that you spend some time getting to know the influencers that you find interesting. Getting a few personal data together will help you communicate more authentically and may even strengthen your negotiating position.

6) Personalize your outreach.

It is a good idea to let go of certain corporate mindsets in favor of getting to know your influencers, given the nature of genuine brand-influencer interactions. Don’t be scared to be sincere and personal in your outreach while upholding proper boundaries.

How to get influencers to promote your product: Examples

Ultimately, you must utilize a communication style that aligns with your brand. To get you started, though, check out a few instances of effective influencer outreach.

1) Gift Products With Personalized Note

During the Q&A segment of a recent episode of Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers, Andrea Faulkner Williams, the founder of Tubby Todd, answered a query about how to approach influencers.

There is an art to approaching influencers. I have 5,000 followers, and it’s flattering when brands send me product. But I like short messages. I do NOT want a long message. Something like, ‘Hey, we think you’re really cool. We like what you’re sharing. Would you like it if we sent you some of our product?’”

– Andrew Faulkner, Tubby Todd Founder

This method is the best nine times out of ten, which is why we recommend it first. This is how it operates.


Hello [influencer’s first name], I think you would appreciate this product that we have. Could we send a sample to you?

What you should do

Keep your offer simple and one-sided. Send the influencer a free product with no obligations, gather their shipping details, and follow up to ensure they received it. Be open to questions and feedback, and only propose a partnership after they have tried and genuinely liked your products.

What to avoid:

Bait-and-switch tactics. If you present a gift, don’t surprise influencers with demands for promotional reciprocity. 

Why it works

Offering a genuine gift is appealing to influencers who regularly receive brand promotion offers. By sending products without expecting promotional favors, you eliminate any sense of obligation. Once the influencer expresses authentic excitement, it becomes natural to discuss a potential marketing partnership.

2) Email for Collaboration Opportunity

While a collaboration email can serve as a cold open, it is more effective if you’ve already initiated contact with the influencer, similar to the approach mentioned earlier.


Hi [name],

I’m [your name] from [company]. I’ve been following your content, and it resonates well with our brand’s values and audience. Your work is fantastic!

I’d love to offer you an exclusive opportunity to try out [new product] before its public release. Are you interested in exploring it and sharing your thoughts in a review?

If this piques your interest, reply, and we’ll send you a complimentary [product]!


[your name]

What you should do:

Be direct when reaching out to a fitting influencer. Start with a brief introduction, compliment their content, and express your interest in a partnership. Ensure the influencer tests your product beforehand, and if confident in positive feedback, request a product review.

What to avoid:

Avoid forgetting your initial introduction, as a brand partnership offer without context can be unsettling. Don’t make the email solely about your brand; express admiration for the influencer and showcase that you’ve followed their content to establish authenticity.

Why it works:

The collaboration opportunity email is concise and straightforward, crucial for successful influencer outreach. Busy influencers may overlook lengthy emails, making brevity and clarity essential for grabbing their attention.

3) Outreach via Instagram Direct

Instagram messages can be used for starting a conversation even if you haven’t talked much before. Keep it short and sweet. If you’ve already sent some nice messages to an influencer, it might be a good idea to move the conversation forward.


Hi [name],

I’m [your name] from [company]. I’ve been following your [Relevant Social Media Channel] account since [month/year]. Your recent post about [relevant social post] caught my eye, and I shared it on our social media accounts because I believe it would resonate with our audience. 

I’d like to connect with you to explore [topic] in more detail and discuss a potential paid [social media channel] campaign. If you’re interested, we can schedule a phone call this week to go over compensation and project details.


[your name]

What you should do:

In the provided template, emphasize your role as one of their followers, especially if you’ve shown public support through likes and shares. This approach is effective after expressing your support for the influencer before extending an invitation to collaborate. 

What to avoid:

Avoid being vague, as generic compliments lack authenticity. An open invitation to collaborate without specific campaign details leaves the influencer with uncertainties. Although this template is longer than the others, it remains concise and focused.

Why it works:

Instagram messages structured in this way often feel endearing to influencers. They appreciate thoughtful compliments and collaboration requests that reflect your brand’s consideration of their strengths. 

Additionally, the relatively short message, divided into paragraphs, makes it easier for the influencer to process.

Audiences value authentic content, and influencers excel at delivering it for brands they genuinely love. Building genuine relationships in influencer outreach is crucial for successful campaigns, even if it takes time and effort to develop a natural connection.

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To Sum It Up

In our guide on ‘How to get influencers to promote your product’ we’ve walked you through steps for finding the right influencers along with outreach templates. Consistency, transparency, and a focus on mutual value are key elements to ensure a fruitful collaboration that amplifies your product’s visibility and credibility in the market. 

Remember, 51% of brands confirm that influencer marketing helps them acquire superior customers. Thus, implementing influencer marketing is important to improve sales and grow your brand. 

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