Are you looking for good Influencer management tools?

We all have been there! Obviously, spreadsheets (which sound out of fashion) can’t help you beyond a point. 

But there are hundreds of Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platforms that can aid you in keeping track of your influencers while scaling up.

And since you can’t communicate with your influencers en masse, these tools will optimize and personalize your experience with each one of them.

That being said, we are here to narrow down your options further and help you pick from the top 15 Influencer Management platforms in 2022 to make the next step you take in Influencer Marketing firmer than ever.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the most prominent highlights of the following 15 influencer relationship management platforms:

  2. Influencity
  3. Afluencer
  4. Grin
  5. CreatorIQ
  6. Aspire
  7. Upfluence
  8. Mavrck
  9. Peg
  10. Traackr
  11. Sideqik
  12. Post For Rent
  13. Paladin
  14. Tapfiliate
  15. TapInfluence


#1 is the best influencer management tool to find nano influencers with its highly automated dashboard which will assist you in managing and keeping track of your influencers as well.

To be precise, it will be your alpha and omega in managing influencers!

With processes that are quite easy to follow, will make your marketing experience as lite as a feather.

  •  As soon as you provide your details, will promote your campaign mustering the attention of the most prominent influencers.
  •  Once you get the applications, will go one step further and predict the ROI from your influencer. 
  • Not stopping there, it travels with you all the way and tracks your revenue on its dedicated dashboard.

 Happine’s Highlights: 

  • Finding made Facile: management dashboard would suggest to you a  myriad of influential content generated by your influencers, you just need to select and approve the ones whose values, motives, and style suit your marketing campaign.
  • Turning customers into influencers: It’s one of the unique approaches to happine. cc.  It helps you to identify your loyal customers, in order to inspire and guide them to create user-generated content for your business.
  • Tracking and managing influencers: The fully automated dashboard of will take charge of tracking the progress of your influencer marketing strategies with incomparable accuracy. It will optimize and manage your relationship with the influencers, rendering you a smooth experience.
  • Analyzing with 100% accuracy: doesn’t stop with predicting the ROI but keeps track of it ever since you shake hands with your influencer. It brings out an able report with a complete analysis of the revenue generated by each influencer.
  • Automated payments: Say goodbye to sheets!’s automated system got you covered. It will automatically issue rewards to the eligible influencers who hit a milestone fixed by you. 
  • Using content in your CPC campaigns: User-generated content is highly trustable. That’s why not only for social media campaigns but will assist you to gather and incorporate user-generated content for your cost-per-click campaigns as well.


4 kinds of plans per month according to your need:

Starter – $40, Novice – $99, Master – $299, Fully managed – $999


#2 Influencity (Overall rating 4.6/5, 103 reviews)


Influencity is a  complete Influencer management platform that will hold your hand through everything that comes under the canopy of influencer marketing.

It stands out by providing two different umbrellas of service, one for agencies and the other for brands. 

Influencity’s robust influencer search engine saves hours of vetting and searching whether you need 1, 10, or 100.


  • Analyzing the Influencers: Influencity will help you analyze the progress of your influencers by providing historical data on the nose. It helps you gain access to complete performance profiles instantly! No cold-contacting is required.
  • Managing Influencers: It will help you keep tabs on your influencer relations without platform-hopping. It takes full control of all the info on your influencer collaborations by managing them all in one place.
  • Forecasting ROI: Influencity always takes two steps ahead by defining your strategies based on expected returns. In addition to forecasting, it will also suggest strategies to maximize your ROI.
  • Elite campaign management: It personalizes your campaign workflow and automates processes based on your needs – keeping it all in one place.


3 tiers : Basic – $98/mo , Professional – $298/mo,  Business – $698/mo. Customized bundles are also available.


#3 Afluencer (Overall rating 4.7/5, 27 reviews)


Afluencer is an all-in-one creator relationship management software that focuses on influencer collaborations. With Afluencer, you can find the ideal collaborations for your brands.

It also means that Afluencer helps both the brands and the influencers by encouraging them to collaborate more and let their content do all the talking.

Afluencer excels in helping your influencers create sponsored content that aligns with the interests of their audiences and the motives of your brand as well to help you achieve your business goals.


  • Dealing with the influencers directly: Afluencer helps you talk to your influencers directly, which means you get to see the experience of personalization quite literally. It lets you exchange direct messages with Influencers and explore new partnership opportunities in the uniquely designed chatroom.
  • Demographic filters: Want to self-serve? The Afluencer app lets you “dial in” your ideal Influencer with demographic filters. And guess what you will get your hands on the right influencer right away.
  • Social media influencers: You will get to meet influencers from almost all social media platforms including TikTok. The optimized search engine lets you search by interests, followers, social networks, and desired demographics. Evidently, Afluencer has a good reputation in social media influencer management.
  • Featuring your brand: Afluencer lets you Feature your brand with your very own spotlights in its astoundingly popular newsletter. This will make your brand shine with superficial lights in front of the influencers.


3 tiered – VIP, Concierge, and Boss which costs $49/mo, $99/mo, and $199/mo respectively.


#4 Grin (Overall review 4.7/5, 203 reviews)


Grin is founded on the philosophy of trust. It encourages brands and influencers to build relationships of credibility in order to make everything else fall right in.

It creates a unique kind of experience for you since it wields power from the strategy of creator management

The platform also recognizes the importance of building a long-term partnership with relevant, authentic influencers.


  • Endearing e-commerce businesses: Grin targets especially e-commerce marketing and businesses, gaining a reputation as an expert in that precinct over time. It has earned its integrations into major shopping platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • Nurturing authentic brand relationships: Grin provides all the tools you need to nurture authentic brand relationships at every stage by incorporating connections to tailored email sequences and the ability to track opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Tracking the progress: You can create, share, and manage one-on-one promotions, complete with deliverable tracking, product management, and contracts. Grin’s personalized communication system is integrated directly with the email systems like Gmail and Outlook and also with real-time communications like SMS and Slack.
  • Measuring success: With Grin, measuring your success has become as easy as blinking your eyes. Its influencer breakdown allows you to track down all your influencer marketing campaign KPIs such as budget, spending, revenue, conversions, media value, and more to identify every campaign’s true ROI.


Completely customized as per clients’ requirements.


#5 CreatorIQ (Overall rating 4.5/5, 201 reviews)


 CreatorIQ relies on tech to not only simplify the influencer marketing process, but also to solve some of the problems that have long plagued the industry as a whole: follower fraud, inflated reach metrics, and inauthentic/mercenary influencers.

Since a team of diverse backgrounds and talents in marketing, sales, product evangelism, customer success, and customer service has built it, CreatorIQ embellishes all of the mentioned areas.

CreatorIQ runs on a philosophy that takes on a “content-first” approach. Its integrated AI-powered algorithm analyses over 1 billion public social accounts.


  • The Integrity Quotient: CreatorIQ integrates directly with the social platform APIs. The AI discerns all the discrete units of a given content and assigns each influencer an “integrity quotient” according to its logical inferences. Its ranking system is based on the creator’s IQ as the software’s name suggests.
  • Campaign Execution: In addition to running campaigns tailored to your objectives, CreatorIQ brings order and predictive ROI to often complex and chaotic influencer campaign management.
  • 360-degree performance view: CreatorIQ’s real-time, automated access to all of your performance data saves hours spent crunching numbers to highlight the value of your campaign. It showcases success through captivating reports that bolster the performance metrics.
  • Private creator network: It helps you go beyond the standalone marketplace strategies that restrict scale, reduce privacy, and lack control by creating your own custom system of records and privatized network.


No public pricing. P.S. But evidently designed for brands with deep pockets.


#6 Aspire (Overall rating 4.6/5, 101 reviews)

Aspire is designed to help you drive revenue with your creator, affiliate, and influencer community though it is an influencer marketing platform for rapidly developing e-commerce brands.

It was formerly called Revfluence and it has integrated advanced tech tools to navigate the prominent influencers as quickly as a flash.

Aspire identifies high-performing influencers from all niches under the sun and its new version AspreIQ is extraordinary in tracking drowned influencers across the globe.


  • Myriad management tools: Aspire has, in its hand, robust management tools like Digital Term Sheets that act as a contract and spell out terms and conditions, deals, pending work, and pending payments.
  • Product selection on auto-pilot: Aspire renders Creator Management for campaigns where brands supply creators with free products that allow brands to automate product selection, and creators can submit a proposal to select products, size, color, etc.
  • Operationalize word-of-mouth: AspireIQ professionally applies the strategy of word-of-mouth to acquire credibility on the large scope and customizes unique workflows that act as a guide to influencers at each step.
  • Trackable sales:  Aspire helps you to drive trackable sales with best-in-class bulk promo code creation, affiliate links, and automatic creator payouts which sow the seeds for your success.


3 tiered – basic, pro, and enterprise. Customized and classified.


#7 Upfluence (Overall rating 4.4, 93 reviews)


Started as a robust and quickest search and discovery tool, Upfluence is now one of the leading influencer relationship management software

It offers an array of tech tools that help users to uncover multitudes of suitable influencers and ambassadors.

While easy-to-use campaign management tools kick-start the ravishing of brands, the flexible social listening module builds the trust of influencers and goes well with all sorts of research.


  • Live Capture: The new launch of Upfluence is called “Live Capture”- an identification tool to help you identify and connect with organic influencers. It helps you pick your loyal customers who can become your influencers via user-generated content.
  • Ambassador Program: If you are an e-commerce brand, Upfluence’s software allows you to connect your online stores in order to help you discover the influencers who are visiting your websites. It in turn aids you to build your own ambassador program.
  • Integrated Affiliate Tools: Upfluence’s tool is technically integrated with already existing affiliate tools and CMCs like Shopify, magneto, etc. so that brands can combine social data with customer purchase history and manage promotion codes in one place.
  • Search through keywords: Upfluence guides you (brands and agencies) to surf through the influencers using keywords. It streamlines your search further by drilling it down by using the most precise keywords. You will start narrowing the pool down a bit and it will be time-saving.


Customized for three categories: Growth, Scale, and Enterprise


#8 Mavrck (Overall rating 4.5/5, 222 reviews)


The Mavrck Influencer Marketing Platform provides end-to-end relationship management, workflow automation, and measurement for the integrated influencer, advocacy, referral, and loyalty marketing programs at a scale that benefit multiple touchpoints and marketing functions.

The platform has got more than 20+ criteria for discovering and filtering influencers, including fraud risk, as well as audience demographics including ethnicity, likes and interests & content performance. It is unique in helping you discover lookalike influencers on an ongoing basis


  • Beyond content creation: Mavrck provides a pyramid structure that comprises macro-influencers, micro-influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists from whom you can pick better partners to improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. The pyramid also explains how cost and volume are indirectly proportional.
  • Learn and choose: Mavrck can be a better platform for you to learn the nitty-gritty of influencer marketing. It will help you get better informed before you venture to choose a kind of influencer who can best suit your demands and needs.
  • Unique provisions: The most advanced tools like Influencer Marketing Measurement, Automated Influencer Fraud Detection, Influencer Brand Safety,  Spectrum of Influence, and Influencer Relationship Ownership are the ones you can’t resist falling in love with.
  • Size and quality: Influencer network size and quality are impressively huge with an active Index of more than 3M contactable influencers along with a white-label capability.


Starts at $2,000 per month


#9 Peg (Overall rating 4.7/5)

Peg stands out from all the other influencer relationship management tools by searching the influencers through ultra-niche platforms and by measuring bottom-of-the-funnel campaign metrics.

It doesn’t fool around with vanity metrics and Peg is the one platform that can boast itself for having shown real results of honesty to almost 1,700 companies who have joined hands with it to enhance their marketing efforts. 


  • Influencers’ admission: the influencers listed on the platform are added in one of two ways-through exclusive partnerships Peg maintains with high-quality talent agencies and through its proprietary algorithm, which scours YouTube looking for potential influencers meeting highly selective criteria in order to index quality over quantity.
  • One size fits all: While there’s a debate raging in the influencer marketing community over the value of micro vs. macro-influencers, Peg eschews the one-size-fits-all approach that informs such thinking.
  • Influencer safety score: It becomes hard to get a picture of who they are from a few pieces of content, so Peg works in the background parsing through all their content and assigning influencers a “Safety Score.” The overall score is based on several criteria—the higher the number, the more family-friendly an influencer is.
  • Quality over quantity: Bucking the industry trend, Peg’s focus is on quality over quantity. Influencer marketing works because influencers are real people who have earned their audiences’ trust in a genuine way. With their concentration on metrics and providing content at scale, marketplaces tend to leave humans out of the equation.


Fully customized


#10 Traackr (Overall rating 4.3 /5, 70 reviews)


Traackr is a data-driven influencer marketing platform. Traackr provides the tools, insights, and expertise to deliver exceptional results from influencer marketing. 

They also provide the largest global data set, one-of-a-kind market benchmarking, and a team of experts — to help you make smarter investments.

Traackr has the data, platform, and experience you need to build your global influencer marketing program.


  • Broader Influencer Coverage: Traackr lets you access the largest global influencer data set for unrivaled influencer discovery, content tracking, and reporting. It technically reduces traffic and saves your time while hunting for prominent influencers.
  • Deeper program insights: Traackr helps you to gain profound program ideas and grasp the insights which usually escape your sight while dealing with the other influencer platforms. Its global database renders you a seriously powerful influencer discovery strategy.
  • Marketing level benchmarking: Traackr makes you understand your competitors better by disseminating a complete view of external benchmarking. It aids you to get the hang of how you and your competitors stack up among the pool of influencer marketing platforms.
  • Social commerce that boosts up sales: The records with high visibility and standardized measurement frameworks are the backbones behind Traackr’s ability to generate unique links, conversions, and revenue for tracking your pay commissions.


Annual or multi-year subscriptions are available. For customized pricing packages, Traackr demands direct contact. This platform is an allrounder and suitable for medium to large-sized brands.


#11 Sideqik (Overall rating 4.6 /5, 12 reviews)

Sideqik lets you discover, collaborate, and vet influencers of any size from their database of over 16 million profiles across more than 10 of the world’s largest behemoth-like social networks.

It makes your journey a highly sophisticated one by breaking down the influencers based on their age, gender, race, and even income to make you pick the influencers who will align with your goals through the mentioned filters.


  • Access to emerging social networks: Sideqik is a well-connected platform that will render you to connect through over 10 rapidly emerging supported social networks. It also gets you access to over 20M social profiles which will help your brand build revenue and partnership value.
  • Advanced Integrations: Whether you need to integrate with your CRM, email system, affiliate network, e-commerce platform, CMS, or use API access – Sideqik will unburden you and do the work for you.
  • Easy-to-read insights: The highly personalized dashboard makes it easy for you to keep track of the most integral parts of your business like your revenue, media value, and conversions in order for you to gain insights into the performance of your influencers.
  • Highly efficient widgets: Sideqik’s workflow tools and promotion widgets make it easy for you to collaborate with your influencers, manage campaigns, and measure participation without a fuss. 


Starts from $2000/month


#12 Post For Rent (Overall rating 4.6/5)


Whether you prefer a do-it-yourself approach or like to have things done for you or would like to get expert advice on your influencer marketing strategy – Post For Rent is designed to cater to all your needs.


  • DIY: The simple and personalized search toolkits with a robust database help you discover the influencers who travel in parallel with your values, virtues, and goals all by yourself without a middleman. This makes the process more visible to your unfiltered eyes.
  • Managed service: all you have to do next is that you have to fix your objectives and a team of experts from Post For Rent will walk you through the most successful campaign promotions by breathing life into your fantasized goals with a guaranteed ROI.
  • End-to-end amplifier: Post For Rent’s business manager NEXT acts as an end-to-end tool that can amplify your influencer marketing agency capabilities.NEXT helps you keep track of all the team members’ ongoing campaigns, the details of influencers they’ve worked with, as well as the number of successful campaigns they’ve promoted. 
  • Contract Automation: All-in-one contract automation saves your time and energy which is usually consumed to keep your signed contracts filed in order. DocuSign helps you manage all your signed documents in one place.


Fully customized and flexible through and through


#13 Paladin (Overall rating 5/5, 6 reviews)


Paladin makes your influencer marketing business unstoppable. Paladin’s campaign management and reporting software help you generate sales materials, track deliverables, and provide real-time reporting to your clients.


  • Automated Campaign Reporting: Paladin automatically tracks all the info around your campaign including the sponsored content and ephemeral posts/ads like the Instagram stories to be viewed even after they are expired. So you can bid farewell to screenshots and manual reporting nightmares
  • Real-time updates: Paladin reports on campaign impressions, viewership, engagements, and audience demographics throughout the campaign. So you can, without a doubt, provide trusted, real-time updates to your clients via exportable reports or a live client dashboard.
  • Live links: Palatin provides you with exportable one-sheets and live links through which you can showcase your full roster or specific profiles. It helps you build smarter proposals that highlight influencers’ audience demographics, engagement rates, and past branded content.
  • Streamline your content: Palatin helps you to eliminate campaign management headaches by streamlining the content approvals before they go live. Its store contracts measure impression and viewership goals and oversee project status for each campaign in your pipeline.


Starts at $1,000/mo


#14 Tapfiliate (Overall rating 4.6/5, 49 reviews)

Tapfiliate’s key features got all the three marketing behemoths – Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Referral Marketing covered.

As far as Influencer marketing is concerned, Tapfiliate helps you get influencers to promote your brand without enormous advance payments. It acts as a personalized channel for you to provide easily shareable SMM content and measure results. 


  • Easy onboarding: The unmatched onboard step-by-step flow guides your process with Tapfiliate as smoothly as buttered cogs from the start. The exhaustive support and developer documentation goes hand in hand with the Rockstar customer success team for you to create your own Influencer marketing success story.
  • Accurate sales tracking: Tapfluence’s top-of-the-line tracking tech comes with links for online mega-influencer tracking and coupons for offline tracking which is ideal for smaller influencers.
  • Managing banners and other assets: Tapfiliate makes it incredibly easy to grow your social media and web reach with rich, engaging branded content. It manages to provide you with plain text ads, html5 banners, and S2S/Postback tracking which makes the influencer’s progress more transparent.


3 tiered – essential: $89/month, Pro: $149/month, and Enterprise: you need to contact them


#15 Tapinfluence (Overall rating 4.8/5, 794 reviews)


Stepped into the world with the name “Blog Frog” Tapinfluence is now a leading technology powered by an opt-in marketplace of over 550K content creators.

The original philosophy of Tapinfluence is to connect the prominent influencers first and then leverage the banners of such hamlets and communities in order to attract the brands toward them. 

This philosophy is in favor of the brands too as they will have indispensable access to a set of influencers who have a common frame of reference, niche, and goals.


  • Audience data and insights: TapInfluence brings in an entirely different approach to discovering influencers which is to understand the frame of reference and preferences of the audience of the influencer. You can also find the Influencers’ audience demographic information, such as gender, age, and location breakdown to get them hooked up with you.
  • Brawny Automation: The unique features like open bidding, direct offers, and negotiations, in-platform communications make the business with your influencers more transparent. The automation and filters which are robust and brawny help you optimize your budget and plan for a success rate of ROI.
  • Hard-core analytics: Tapinfluence’s API integrates your website with all major social platforms as well as Google analytics. The sophisticated system for tracking the third-party click traffic renders you the analysis of the scoring along with the fraud detection and IP validation.  
  • Boost your content: Tapinfluence will help you amplify an influencer’s content via their own social handles. It programmatically throws your ball directly into the court of your target audience for exponential growth in engagements and impressions.


Standard subscription: $1999/ mo and customized pricing for enterprises and agencies.


By and large,

You are here because you already know how beneficial Influencer marketing is or will be to you.

But there is something as important as choosing the Influencer marketing strategies, that is, picking the right influencer relationship management tool without which everything will become a nightmare in no time!

Maintaining a relationship with someone demands a wise choice, make sure you get timely help in order not to regret the ignored suggestion later., apart from helping you to discover, develop and keep track of your relationship with the influencers, enables your marketing teams to edit, accept and reject the influencer-generated content from a single channel.

Build a strong relationship with your influencers using an efficient relationship management tool and in turn, pump up your brand’s revenue. 

Yes, as simple as that. Click here to know the pricing and create your first campaign now!