The social media platforms are heavily investing in the creators. 

In fact, Meta (which owns Instagram) announced that by the end of 2022, it is planning to invest USD 1 Billion in the creator community. Not only that, they are introducing new features and tools to expand the ways creators can earn money. 

If you are into fashion, beauty, photography, filmmaking, or if you are just another dynamic content creator, then it is time for Instagram monetization.

But why Instagram? Well, as per Statista, Instagram had 1.21 billion monthly active users in 2021 and that is 28% of the world’s internet users.

Given the volume of the global audience using Instagram, it is fair to think that it is an ideal market to earn some good money. Without any delay, learn how to monetize Instagram from this article. But, there are some prerequisites you need to meet to be eligible for monetization on Instagram.


Instagram Monetization Requirements 2022


1. Be an Influencer

Most of the money you earn on Instagram would be from businesses. But why would any business pay you money? They do so in hopes to gain exposure and reach your audience about their products or services. So that they can increase their sales and ultimately revenue.

You need to have at least a thousand followers to be an influencer. You should grow your Instagram followers count, organically. But how do you do that?

A great way to do this is to find fellow influencers who produce similar content to yours with a good influencer platform like Actually, you can use this tool to promote yourself by collaborating with other influencers and brands, and ultimately, grow your reach and followers.

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2. Dedicated and Engaged Followers

Having a good number of followers is acceptable, but what is the point if your followers do not engage with you or your content?

You can know if you have active users or not by the number of people commenting, liking, and sharing your posts. If you have a dedicated and engaged audience, then brands would be willing to invest in your content.

For example, the below post user has around 43000 followers. Yet this account has earned 1057 likes and 114 comments on this post about promoting a handbag. It shows that the audience is engaging with the content.

You may be wondering that if you meet these two prerequisites, then can you monetize Instagram? The answer is yes, you can. Now, comes the crucial step of getting monetized on Instagram.


How to get Monetized on Instagram?

There are different ways to earn money on Instagram in 2022. If you are a business owner, then you can use these methods to promote your products, and if you do not run a  business and have some time to invest, then you can earn money. Here are the methods you can use for Instagram monetization.


Affiliate Marketing

One of the feasible ways to monetize Instagram is to utilize the affiliate marketing tool that Instagram launched in 2021.

With the native affiliate tool, you can discover new services or products available at the store and share the trackable link with your followers. For each purchase made by your audience, you can earn a commission.

It enables your followers to shop directly from you without any trouble. However, in order to become eligible for the affiliate program on your account, you need to follow the terms and policies set by Instagram.


Sponsored Posts

You can partner with brands and get rewards for sharing their product information on your post. Lots of businesses pay influencers on Instagram for creating their brand-centric posts or content.

Instagram sets apart the branded content by labeling it as “Paid Partnership”. Because of this label both you and your business partners can collect post-performance data.


Instagram Reels

In 2022, Instagram introduced an ad revenue program in reels. Before that, it used to offer in-stream video ads where brands can run their ads before, during, and after video posts (known as IGTV ads) on your Instagram profile. And, a portion of ad revenue is given to creators.

Now, Instagram has discontinued the regular video post ads system and kept its focus on Instagram Reels. Here are some tips you can follow for creating attractive videos on Instagram.

  • Keep your videos short and immersive. Create short and entertaining videos. To make it immersive, optimize the content to be vertical. To be specific, use high-resolution 9×16 videos with no borders and make sure that text does not cover the majority of the screen.
  • Make a good first impression. The first three seconds are critical. So, keep the viewers interested for the duration of the video.
  • Be consistent. You do not have to post videos every day. Maintain a schedule and post the videos at a pace suitable for you.
  • Avoid posting recycled content. Audiences prefer the content that is made specifically for Instagram. So, avoid posting reels that are visibly recycled from other sources such as videos containing watermarks.
  • Consider the material. Avoid creating sensitive and overly promotional or too commercial content. You can refer to the Instagram community guidelines for more information.


Advertise your Products

If you are a business owner who wants to sell your merchandise on Instagram, then just open a new shop or add an existing shop to your profile. 

You can create content promoting your products/ services or the content itself could be your products. Posting visually appealing videos or images like digital arts or photography engages your followers.

For example, if you have a clothing store, then create a business account and start posting your products on the page.

If you have a blog that generates revenue or a website for your store or even a youtube video that promotes your products, then provide that link in your profile to direct more people to it. You can also highlight a specific product or a blog page link in your bio to attract more attention to it.

In case your Instagram account is approved for shopping features, then you can tag products to promote them directly.


Teach What You Know

How to get monetized on Instagram with no or less investment? If you have the same question, then this method is for you.

If you are a professional in any field, then teach it to your followers. People follow your account because they like your content and find it useful and entertaining. So, why do it for free?

You can educate or help your audience in learning new skills. It could be anything from how to cook tasty food to how to do carpentry work. You can offer e-books, audio or video courses, etc.

If you are good at Influencer marketing, then help new content creators to improve themselves. Share your knowledge and be a social media marketing consultant and earn money on Instagram with less investment.


Earn Badges on Live-Stream

Instagram is testing the Badge feature, so it is limited to the United States for now. With this feature, your followers can directly send money to you during a live stream. You can showcase your talents, services, products, etc. and viewers can buy badges to show support.

Badges cost $4.99, $1.99, and $0.99. You can recognize the people who sent badges to you with the heart symbol next to comments.


Instagram Subscriptions

Another new feature, Subscriptions released by Meta in 2022 to help Instagram creators earn monthly income.

With subscriptions, the creators can set monthly prices of their choice and allow followers to sign up from your profile page. You can provide the following benefits to your subscribers.

  • Live Streams – you can broadcast exclusive live content for your subscribers allowing them to engage with you more deeply.
  • Exclusive Stories – you can create stories only for your subscribers so they can share the exclusive content. Also, use interactive story stickers for most active followers.

Instagram attaches a subscribe badge next to comments and messages sent by subscribers so you can recognize them.

The Subscription feature enables creators in earning consistent income.


Bottom Line

Will all these methods work? Really can you get monetized on Instagram? All the statistics suggest that. Look at the following image showing how much Instagram influencers earn per post.

Whether you are a normal person trying to be an influencer or content creator or a business owner who wishes to monetize their business, then is the right tool for you.

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