Being represented by the right people who have the right kind of influence dictates the success of a company. 

One of these people is – An Instagram brand ambassador! 

According to TapInfluence & Altimet, “71% of marketers believe that ongoing ambassadorships are the most effective form of influencer marketing.

So, it’s a no-brainer that you should find the right brand ambassadors for your brand.

But the question is… how to get ambassadors for your brand?

In this post, we’ll walk you through:

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Any individual ranging from an influencer, content creator, or celebrity who represents a brand, can be termed a brand ambassador.

A brand ambassador is often confused with an influencer.

An Instagram collaboration with an influencer is generally short-term, wherein, they post a couple of stories and pictures to promote your company.

On the other hand, a brand ambassador on Instagram becomes the very embodiment of the product or service they promote. 

However, partnering with an influencer multiple times for campaigns can sometimes lead to them converting into full-time brand ambassadors for your company.

For your brand marketing success, it’s crucial that you find a brand ambassador who understands, believes, and is willing to become the voice of your company. They should also have the quality to influence their followers to put their trust in your product. 

Here’s how to get brand ambassadors on Instagram for your company.

How To Find Brand Ambassadors For Instagram?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “67% of brands use Instagram for influencer marketing.”  Therefore, searching for brand ambassadors on Instagram might prove beneficial for your company.

Here’s how to get brand ambassadors for your company: 

1. Find your ideal influencers

Starting with the process of influencer discovery can be a good first step toward finding ambassadors for Instagram. Go through the profiles of relevant and popular influencers of your niche that best match your business objectives.

Notice and analyze their previous posts on Instagram. It might give you an insight into the type of content they post and details about their previous brand collaborations if any. 

Ideal influencers can prove to be a good choice moving forward, as they would produce high-quality content that would resonate with their followers. Influencers with good reach and engagement rates can help boost your Instagram ambassador program.

2. Check your Instagram mentions and tagged photos

Customers who are satisfied with your company’s services might go on to tag you in photos and mention you in their Instagram mentions. You must always check these mentions and tags, as you might find your ideal brand ambassador on Instagram.

If someone mentions you in a comment or their Instagram story, you’ll find that mention under your notification panel. Tagged posts, on the other hand, can be found under the ‘tagged’ section of your profile.

Make sure you respond and repost these mentions on Instagram, to let them know you appreciate their gesture. Also, go through the profiles of these users and see if their posts align with your business objectives.

3. Explore relevant hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram is a crucial part to expand your reach and finding individuals of similar interests to that yours. You need to indulge in thorough hashtag research to find out about the trending and relevant hashtags of your niche.

Once you search these hashtags on Instagram, it would show you a list of individuals with an interest in the particular niche. You could then sort out individuals who you think can be good ambassadors for Instagram.

For example, if you are looking for a brand ambassador to promote your food joint, you can search for hashtags like #food, #foodie #foodblogger, and #foodlove.

4. Competitor research

Apart from searching for your ideal brand ambassadors on Instagram, you should be aware of the competitors of your niche. You must indulge in thorough research about how your competitors onboard and work with brand ambassadors.

Use hashtags to discover the competitors of your niche. You can then go through their posts to analyze how they collaborate with brand ambassadors and the type of strategies they use for brand promotions.

Once you analyze your competitors’ brand ambassador program strategies, you must try to come up with better and improved strategies to stay ahead of them.

5. Get the audience to join your program

Some followers of your brand might be interested in the opportunity to represent your brand on Instagram. Therefore, coming up with an innovative brand ambassador program can be a good step to find your ideal ambassadors on Instagram

In it, you must clearly outline the perks, exclusive discounts, hampers, and compensation that a follower would get if they enroll in your ambassador program.  

You can promote your ambassador program on Instagram by posting innovative and unique pictures on your stories and timeline. You can also add a link in your Instagram bio through which users can enroll in your ambassador program. 

6. Use an influencer platform

After you find your ideal ambassadors for your brand, you can use an influencer platform like for your campaigns. An influencer campaign helps keep track of important KPIs during your campaign.

In an influencer platform, you can fill in your ambassador and niche requirements. The platform would then run algorithms and give you a list of all the suitable influencers. Also, an influencer platform would inform you about the number of followers, reach, and engagement rate of the suitable influencers.

A good influencer platform provides you with an influencer dashboard that helps determine if your ambassador is proving effective for your campaign or not.


Finding ideal brand ambassadors for your company can get a bit tedious at times. A good ambassador knows how to rep your brand on Instagram. Therefore, you must carefully choose the ambassador that best suits your campaign goals.

Make sure you follow the above-mentioned ways to find your desired brand ambassadors and let us know if it worked for you!