Are you looking for top influencer marketing platforms for your business?  That’s great!

According to studies, 49 percent of consumers base their purchasing decisions on product recommendations from influencers. So, it’s a no-brainer to team up with social media influencers or local business influencers if you run a local business.

But… It can be difficult for your small businesses to find the right influencers, partner with them, and then run and manage a campaign.  

So where exactly do you go to find influencers for your niche marketing campaigns? How do you know if you’ve chosen the right influencers to reach your target audience? 

This is where influencer marketing platforms kick in. 

In this guide we’ll go over:


What is are Influencer Marketing Platforms? 

Influencer marketing platform are designed to help brands with their influencer marketing campaigns. These platforms provide different tools required to easily identify, negotiate with, manage, and pay for collaborations with various influencers.

These platforms typically include massive searchable databases of the most qualified influencers in every niche, as well as sophisticated algorithms that match your campaign objectives with the most appropriate influencers.

Influencer marketing platforms can help you expand your brand’s reach and potentially increase sales while automating time-consuming and repetitive influencer relationship management tasks.

Now that you understand what influencer platforms are and what they can do for you, let’s know which influencer marketing platform is best for your small business.

12 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses

Here are the top 12 influencer marketing platforms to ensure your next influencer campaign strike a chord with your target audience:



best-influencer-marketing-platform is a platform that streamlines your influencer marketing workflow from start to finish. Their approach saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to sift through large databases and manage multiple influencers. can also help you convert your current customers into brand influencers. How?

The platform starts by gathering information about your loyal customers and their social media presence. When prospects receive an order from you, automatically sends them an invitation to join your ambassador program.

Moreover, provides content ideas to these creators based on your content strategy and input, ensuring a seamless end-to-end influencer campaign. The platform also includes an AI-powered system that analyses each influencer’s performance and automatically rewards them when they reach a goal you set.

Additionally, Happine is also ranks amongst the best influencer platforms for creators who wish to grow and secure brand partnerships.


  • allows you to run multiple campaigns at the same time and receive detailed reporting on each one.
  • The platform is simple to operate. In addition, the team makes onboarding a breeze.
  • There are multiple resources and features for small businesses that are new to influencer marketing and could use some help.


  •, like any other platform, requires minor UX improvements along the way.
  • There should be a way to receive push/email notifications when there is new activity in campaigns. is good for: is the tool for you if you’re looking for a platform that allows you to centralize your influencer marketing efforts on a single platform. The support team is always eager to share their knowledge and advice. There are 4 different pricing plans, making it an ideal resource for most businesses managing multiple campaigns.


There are four different pricing plans available on

  • Starter- $40/month
  • Novice- $99/month
  • Master- $299/month
  • Fully Managed- $999/month


2. Grin (⭐4.7 out of 5 stars)


Grin is an influencer marketing management solution that covers all aspects of your influencer campaign. To begin, they have over 37 million influencers with verified emails that you can invite to your influencer program. 

Grin provides one-click integrations, making it simple to integrate an influencer program with your existing software and processes. This consolidates everything your team requires for end-to-end influencer marketing into a single location.

Grin allows you to manage multiple influencer campaigns at the same time, with mass outreach and clear tracking capabilities.

Being one of the most comprehensive reporting tools available, Grin’s analytics shows you everything from individual metrics to the overall ROI of your influencer program.


  • Grin’s influencer reports are comprehensive and regularly updated.
  • Organize and streamline email communications: Allows users to mass send emails while personally addressing creators.
  • Track the progress and ROI of your influencer program with ease.


  • Some users found the onboarding process to be difficult.
  • More template options for sending emails to influencers are required.

Grin is good for: 

Grin is ideal for E-commerce businesses of all sizes. It is a great tool for businesses looking to organize and support influencer marketing campaigns, as long as you have the time to invest in proper outreach on a weekly basis.


Grin’s pricing is completely customizable. You can contact Grin here to request a demo or a quote.


3. Influencity(⭐4.6 out of 5 stars)


Influencity is a marketing platform for influencers that gives you access to over 70 million influencers to help you find the right one.

To find the best influencers for your target audience, the platform allows you to sort through comprehensive influencer profiles using filters such as interests, language, favorite brands, and so on.

For your chosen influencers, you can also look at KPIs like follower counts, earned media, engagement ratios, and engagement analyses. This allows you to sift through relevant influencers to see if they’re a good fit for your business.

After that, you’ll be able to automate multiple campaigns and track their progress.

The campaign allows you to keep track of your campaigns and gives you full oversight of investments made on each post across all social media platforms.


  • Influencity has one of the largest influencer databases on the market right now.
  • It provides you with real-time data to determine whether the Influencers you intend to work with are the best fit for the project.
  • The platform is simple to navigate, and the customer service is outstanding.


  • The search tab should be more detailed.
  • You cannot download information from the platform in pdf or other formats for free.

Influencity is good for: 

Influencity appeals to brands of all sizes because it offers extensive tools at small business prices. If you need an incredible amount of data on an extensive database of influencers, Influencity is the tool for your business. If you also work in multiple countries but lack local knowledge of influencers, Influencity makes it simple to find them and create successful campaigns.


There are four different pricing plans available on Influencity:

  • Create your own bundle – Starts at $48/mo
  • Basic – $98/mo
  • Professional – $298/mo
  • Business – $698/mo



#Paid is a tool that saves you time by eliminating the need to find creators on your own.

Instead of using traditional search tools, their hand-raise feature allows you to find the best creators for your campaign. Following that, these pre-qualified creators pitch their campaign ideas for your consideration.

The platform also centralizes communication for every creator of your campaign.  It also comes with automated reminders for approvals. 

Their insights and reporting tools allow you to keep track of your creator’s progress as well as get a high-level view of your entire campaign. We discovered that the measurement metrics they can provide with their brand lift studies are also among the best in the industry.


  • Relationships with multiple influencers are easy to organize and manage.
  • It’s simple to navigate the influencer metrics.
  • The platform also has a diverse range of influencers based on different needs, such as fashion, makeup, and so on.


  • The screening process should be improved to ensure that creators fully understand and have read the brief provided by brands.
  • #Paid needs a mobile app because accessing the website from mobile is not user-friendly

#Paid is good for: 

#Paid is an excellent tool for reaching out to new audiences and accurately measuring campaign success. However, it is not a simple or cost-effective method of utilizing influencer marketing. The platform is aimed at companies with larger marketing budgets.


There are four different pricing plans available on #paid:

  • Just Content – $449/month
  • Grow – $629/month
  • Advanced – $899/month
  • Enterprise- $2,499/month


5. Aspire (⭐4.6 out of 5 stars

Forrester named Aspire a leader in influencer marketing platforms in 2018. Aspire has features that cover every aspect of campaign management, from start to finish.

You can use Aspire’s Social Listening tool to find people who are already familiar with and trust your brand.

Workflows can be programmed to automate repetitive processes, saving you from having to perform actions manually. You can quickly send templated emails, terms, and contracts to an influencer or a group of creators.

There are numerous methods for finding new influencers, including image recognition AI that matches your desired aesthetic with content. Aspire also allows you to create content from its platform, track the progress of campaigns, reach, and audience engagement.  


  • Aspire simplifies your workflow by centralizing communication, payment, and analytics.
  • There’s a recommendation engine that suggests influencers who are similar to the ones you’ve worked with.
  • With Aspire, you can quickly view each creator’s analytics to determine their fit with your campaigns.


  • With so many potential content collaborators, campaigns can become overwhelming.
  • A screening feature is required to narrow down the list of content creators.

Aspire is good for: 

Despite the fact that they are aimed at large corporations, Aspire is a truly end-to-end software that leaves its users wanting for nothing. As they provide custom pricing, it is critical to identify the appropriate service level for your needs in order to establish a competitive cost.



Aspire offers three different flexible pricing plans:

  • Essentials
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

You can contact Aspire to create a custom plan or get a quote.


6. Upfluence (⭐4.3 out of 5 stars)

Upfluence is yet another all-in-one digital marketing tool that provides businesses with access to vast influencer networks across nearly all major social network platforms.

The platform’s project management capability is one of its most notable features. Want your campaigns managed? Allow their in-house services team to handle it for you.

It also provides real-time statistics like engagement rates, impressions, and reach, allowing you to make data-driven decisions when selecting the right influencer for your campaigns.

Furthermore, Upfluence allows you to run multiple campaigns at the same time.


  • It has very detailed search options that allow you to find influencers who are a perfect fit for your brand.
  • Briefs for campaigns can be directly uploaded into the platform. 
  • To save time when sending outreach emails to large groups of influencers, the platform provides email templates. 


  • More detailed tutorials are required to fully utilize the potential of this tool.
  • The influencer search section’s results can be overwhelming.

Upfluence is good for: 

Upfluence is a good choice for E-commerce businesses of all sizes because it offers a multitude of campaign tools and flexible pricing plans. It should be noted that it is a little more complicated than other platforms.


Upfluence offers three custom pricing plans that are tailored to your company’s requirements.

  • Growth
  • Scale
  • Enterprise

You can contact Upfluence to create a personalized plan.


7. Traackr (⭐4.3 out of 5 stars)

Because of its own extensive influencer database combined with an IRM (Influencer relationship management) approach, Traackr makes finding influencers a breeze.  

The platform has custom filters to make influencer searches easier, automatically tracks ROI, establishes a streamlined workflow for different campaigns, standardizes KPIs, and ultimately helps in the growth of influencer relationships.

Traackr also allows brands to see how their target audience reacts to the content of influencers. You can also have influencers recommended to you based on the type of creators you are currently working with.

This platform’s other key features include real-time data analytics and campaign management, which allow you to track the performance of each influencer. 


  • A comprehensive metrics dashboard to help analyze your influencer network as well as individual campaigns. ‘
  • All communication can be managed by users in a single location.
  • Tools for viewing KPIs, UTM Links, cost efficiency, and other campaign performance metrics. 


  • Needs some UX enhancements and greater flexibility in sorting and downloading data. 
  • There is a learning curve with the platform. You must devote some time to learning how to use it.

Traackr is good for: 

Traackr is best suited to medium to large-sized brands and agencies. Traackr is the tool for you if you want to manage a large number of influencer profiles, their performance, and campaigns while keeping costs low.


Traackr offers personalized plans. You’ll need to contact Traackr for specific pricing.


8. BuzzSumo (⭐4.5 out of 5 stars)


BuzzSumo is the ideal platform for brands and marketers who value quality over quantity.

BuzzSumo makes it simple to identify the influencers who are most likely to share your content. In addition to the standard influencer search, you can enter a keyword and discover who the most influential people are on that specific topic.

The tool provides useful information about influencers such as their niche authority, social engagement, and the types of content they typically share

BuzzSumo also has an outreach section where you can follow, analyze, and communicate with top influencers in your industry.


  • You can easily track the progress of your influencer marketing campaigns.
  • You can narrow down search results based on engagement, reach, influence, and authority, among other factors.
  • All of Buzzsumo’s analytics, data, and reports can be easily exported as CSV or Excel files.


  • The setup isn’t the simplest and the UX can be confusing at times.
  • The topic explorer feature is not very accurate as it displays all the words into a single display.

Buzzsumo is good for: 

Buzzsumo offers unlimited searches across all of their plans, making it an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you generate practical content ideas as well as discover influencers, we recommend Buzzsumo.


BuzzSumo offers a 30-day free trial. They also have a free version that allows for 10 free searches per month.

Other plans include:

  • Pro $99/month 
  • Plus$179/month and
  • Large $299/month.


9. NinjaOutreach (⭐4.1 out of 5 stars)


NinjaOutreach is yet another effective tool for all of your influencer marketing requirements. They provide a massive database from which you can search for the best influencers and brands in your niche.

You can use it to find influencers by searching for keywords and then adding filtering tags like bloggers, influencers, and so on to narrow down your results.

The platform includes an integrated CRM for managing all of your influencer marketing and outreach campaigns.

Ninja Outreach also offers automated email outreach campaigns and automated email follow-ups when it’s time to start connecting with influencers.


  • You can upload scripts and have the platform send messages to your desired influencers automatically.
  • You only need to type in specific keywords to gain access to millions of profiles and email addresses.
  • A CRM built-in to manage all of your communication in one place.


  • There have been reports that the contact information is not always correct.
  • The user interface needs to be improved.

NinjaOutreach is good for: 

NinjaOutreach caters to small & medium brands. NinjaOutreach may be the right tool for you if you want to automate your influencer marketing with automated outreach and follow-ups and a built-in CRM.


NinjaOutreach offers a 7-Day Risk-Free Trial.  Their plans include: 

  • Flex- $155/Mo
  • Pro- $259/Mo


10. BuzzStream (⭐4.1 out of 5 stars)

BuzzStream is another well-known platform for finding and managing influencers, with a focus on outreach campaigns. The platforms make it easier to find prospects and contact information, as well as social profiles and site metrics.

BuzzStream streamlines communication between brands and the influencers they work with by storing contact information, profiles, and conversation history. The platform even offers a centralized database to organize all of this information, making it simple to collaborate with various influencers. 

Another important feature is that it allows you to create personalized messages based on your history or conversations with each creator. You can also use email templates to contact influencers directly through the platform.


  • The open and click rate tracking features on outreach emails are extremely useful.
  • Get your hands on engagement statistics for each prospective influencer.
  • Their Google Chrome extension enables you to quickly save influencer details as you browse the web.


  • Some users found the interface difficult to navigate
  • The Discovery feature is also occasionally buggy.

Buzzstream is good for: 

Buzzstream is designed for medium- to large-sized businesses. It is ideal for businesses that value collaboration and run multiple campaigns. Custom workflows, fields, and reports allow you to tailor Buzzstream to your specific needs.


BuzzStream’s pricing plans include: 

  • Starter- $24/mo
  • Growth – $124/mo
  • Professional – $299/mo
  • Custom – $999/mo


11. Klear (⭐4.5 out of 5 stars)


Klear is a powerful influencer marketing platform that focuses on data to help you in identifying the best influencer for each campaign.

Brands can use Klear to search for influencers in their preferred category by selecting the target network and using keywords. Klear also lets you search by geographical location, which could be useful for finding local influencers.

The platform offers detailed analytics for each influencer. The influencer’s activity level, likes, retweets, followers, and other metrics will be displayed in the engagement data.

Klear’s performance reports also make it easier to calculate the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign.


  • A single dashboard for managing your campaigns and relationships with multiple influencers all at once.
  • Detailed reports for each campaign you run to determine if you’re getting the desired results.
  • Klear offers a lot of demographic data across all major social platforms to ensure that your campaign is more accurate.


  • More searchable filters are required to narrow down to specific influencers.
  • The influencer discovery section is not very efficient for all regions.

Klear is good for: 

Klear is a platform for small brands that includes campaign management tools and influencer analytics. They have extremely competitive pricing, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


Klear provides tailored plans. You can get in touch with Klear here to create a personalized plan.


12. Mavrck (⭐4.6 out of 5 stars)


Mavrck is a one-stop-shop for influencer marketing, with features like end-to-end relationship management, workflow automation, and loyalty marketing programs.

Their approach to influencer marketing is a little different from that of other influencer management companies. Mavrck analyses your current customer base to determine who has the most online presence. Rather than providing you with a list of random influencers, the platform encourages your followers to promote your products online. 

Mavrck also offers trackable referral links and promo codes that are linked with each business influencer. This makes tracking sales and ROI within the platform a breeze.


  • With Mavrck, it’s simple to walk influencers through key campaign details, brand directives, and creative instructions.
  • Their discovery-based search tool also enables you to connect with a new set of influencers.
  • We found the account managers to be extremely helpful and responsive.


  • The UI of Mavrck’s messaging/emailing portal is not very user-friendly.
  • Needs a better system to notify users when a message from an influencer comes in.

Mavrck is good for: 

If you require a more hands-off approach, Mavrck is the tool for you. Unlike a traditional influencer marketplace, all you have to do is tell the platform all the specifics. The platform is ideal for mid-to-large businesses that want to run multiple campaigns.


Pricing for Mavrck is subscription-based, taking into account the level of support required. You can reach out to Mavrck here to request a demo or get a quote.



Without a doubt, influencer marketing has become a dominant method of increasing brand awareness and social proof in recent years. As we approach 2024, the industry is likely to continue to evolve and grow.

In order to continue seeing results, brands will need to fine-tune their influencer strategies.

The 12 tools mentioned above are among the best for identifying potential partnerships, streamlining workflows, and calculating return on investment. However, if you’re in a dilemma, we recommend you explore for best results. Click here to check the plans and kickstart your influencer marketing journey now!